Prerequisites Before Starting the Accelerated BSN Program

If you find nursing interesting, you can build a rewarding career by pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or in short, BSN. As per the data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing jobs have grown in demand by twenty-six percent in 2020. To get those high paying job opportunities, you need to have a degree in BSN from a reputed university in the US. But, before you get admission, you need to fulfill BSN prerequisites. Read on this article to find out what prerequisites you need before getting enrolled in a BSN program. 

Prerequisite Course                       

Applicants are required to complete this coursework before entering the BSN program, set by the College of Nursing. You should get a minimum of 2.75 cumulative GPA or “C” grade. The higher the better!

If you have a Bachelor’s degree, the following course credit scores of 60 are required:

  • Biochemistry or Chemistry + lab
  • Physiology I and II; Human Anatomy + labs
  • Statistics
  • Microbiology + lab

If you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, you need 54 credit points:

  • Chemistry + lab
  • Physiology + lab
  • Anatomy + lab
  • Microbiology + lab
  • Statistics
  • College math
  • Humanities
  • General Sociology
  • English Composition I and II
  • General Psychology
  • Electives

The College Of Nursing will decide the transfer of core BSN prerequisites. If you have completed these courses at a non-U.S. college or institute, scrutiny will be performed by designated authorities or accredited foreign coursework assessment entities.

Transferring Credits

If you have any inquiries about the transfer of credit points, you can convey it via the inquiry form of the College of Nursing. You will be provided with transcript reviews and additional instructions after you submit the inquiry form. Additional instructions will be offered to the applicant 

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Preadmission Test or TEAS

TEAS stands for the Test of Essential Academic Skills. This pre-entry test is conducted to find out the academic preparedness of the applicant in Science, Mathematics, Reading, and English. This is a compulsory exam for all the students who want to enroll in the BSN program. However, your TEAS score must not be older than 1 year from the date of application for BSN.     

TEAS requirements:

  • TEAS overall score requirement is 58.7% minimum
  • You cannot sit for TEAS exam for more than 3 times in 1 year
  • ATI TEAS required

However, the minimum TEAS score requirement many changes every year. It is better to get in touch with an advisor at the campus where you have applied for the program. One should also note that meeting the minimum TEAS score is not enough for securing admission or interview for the BSN program.  The application process for the Bachelor of Science in the Nursing application is a competitive process, which depends on the candidate pool.

How to register for TEAS exam

Candidates have to submit an application while registering in order to be eligible to give the exam at one of the university campuses from where you will pursue a BSN. Candidates have to pay $65 as the fees for the exam online. You have to email the right Admissions and Enrollment Office to get more information about the location, time and registration for the TEAS exam.


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