Hybrid Events: Everything You Need to Know in 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a severe blow to several industries due to all the restrictions it has imposed on physical assistance to companies, organisations and events. The recovery of some of these sectors is slow, which has led many organisations and companies to seek alternative formulas to continue holding face-to-face meetings safely.

Although physical meetings won’t disappear, until the situation returns to almost total normality, technology is and will be, the perfect ally for organisers who want to hold meetings and events safely. In fact, the organisation of events with a virtual component has seen its demand increased by different types of organisations, and hybrid events could be an appropriate solution for those organisations that wish to celebrate a virtual and live event at the same time.

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid or semi-face-to-face events are an event format that combines physical and virtual, making the most of both worlds. These types of events achieve greater participation, interaction and reach thanks to the use of technology.

You should note that hybrid events before the pandemic were considered live events with a virtual component, but after 2021, hybrid events should be conceived as virtual events with a live component, if the conditions of the pandemic allow it. This means that hybrid events must be planned so that the content and other products of the event are mainly aimed at an online audience, always considering what aspects can be added to facilitate the union of the two groups of attendees.

That is the key aspect: an event is hybrid if there is commitment; otherwise, it’d be no different than making a video call at home from the comfort of your couch.

Hybrid events

Advantages of hybrid events

Hybrid events have been driven by the situation caused by the pandemic, but ironically, it is thanks to this that we have been able to understand all the benefits they bring. The following are some of these:

Costs reduction

The cost per attendee drops significantly, as does the cost of logistics. This includes expenses for location, hybrid event invitation, staff, travel, accommodation, meals, etc.

Increase interactivity among attendees

The use of a hybrid typology allows to increase the size of the community, since the organisers can gather all the important information before, during and after the event.

More accurate data and analytics

It is much easier to obtain relevant data from the event and therefore make better business decisions and obtain the necessary information to improve future events.

Top positioning

Since this is a modern trend, those organising hybrid events will position themselves much better among the latest news and technologies.

Largest audience

A hybrid event eliminates the obstacles of time, travel and money, so that those users who could not attend physically, can do so digitally.

Extends the life of the event

The event will be available to view as many times as necessary, whether we have attended or not, to analyse it and obtain valuable data.

Immersive learning

By disseminating learning experiences and engaging content, it is possible to improve user engagement and participation during events.

Generation of own leads

By monitoring users on the virtual events platform, organisers can get potential clients and attendees in real time.

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Greater safety and comfort

By having a minimum number of people attending in person, the probability of contagions decreases notably, at the same time that the comfort and safety of the assistants increases.

How to organise your hybrid event in 2022

Carrying out a hybrid event requires the appropriate technology, means and a technical team capable of carrying it out. Before proceeding to action, it is important to take into account the following recommendations:

Define the objectives

The objectives to be achieved are the first thing that you must be clear about, since everything you make later will be based on these.

Define the measurement method

The method you use to measure the success of the event is directly linked to the objectives you set in the previous step.

Know your audience

To get the most out of your event, you need to tailor it as closely as possible to your target audience. In this type of event, the users who access are very heterogeneous, which can generate greater opportunities in marketing matters.

Set your budget

In the case of hybrid events, the expenses are much lower than other types of events, but you must also consider some other factors such as production, streaming service, content, internet connection and a virtual events platform.

Additional tips for organising a successful hybrid event

Hybrid events can generate two different experiences in two different formats, so you need to make sure that it is interesting and relevant to both types of audience. The objective is to tailor the event for both groups so that participation and experience are balanced. To do this, don’t forget to apply the following tips:

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Create content separately

The content is possibly the most important thing about the event, so it is important that it is attractive. Make sure that the interaction functions can be done at the same time both in person and virtually.

Invite the best speakers

If possible, make a hybrid event invitation for professionals specialised in the subject to be covered. International speakers enrich the experience and bring additional value to the event. In addition, this allows to increase the participation of the attendees, who will feel more motivated and integrated into the event.

Use the best platforms available

There are several platforms that can help you manage all the details you need to celebrate the hybrid event. Some of these hybrid event platforms offer a mobile app that you can use so that the live and virtual event is synchronised at all times, in addition to the creation of the event website and additional digital marketing options.

Incorporates interactive functionalities

Find a way to offer multiple options to keep the attention and commitment of attendees before, during and after the event by adding interactive functions, both in the virtual event and in person.

Organise a sustainable event

Awareness about the importance of caring for and respecting the environment grows with each passing day, so users will highly value brands that are committed to corporate social responsibility, with clear environmental policies.


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