7 Exciting Benefits of a Satellite Office

If you have been looking to expand your business over the past few months, you may have come across the idea of the satellite office. A satellite office is a great way to grow your business, but what makes it such a beneficial concept?

What is a satellite office?

If you imagine how a satellite works in relation to earth, the same goes for a satellite office. In other words, a satellite office is an office that belongs to and is controlled by a larger organisation in another place. Satellite offices can be a physical office or a remote virtual office space. 

Satellite offices are a fairly new phenomenon, becoming increasingly popular since the start of 2020. One report suggests that this surge is down to the COVID-19 pandemic, as businesses are now looking to get local offices as a result of changing work patterns. But what exactly are the benefits to having a satellite office?

1. Opportunity to expand 

Satellite offices give businesses the opportunity to expand – be it literally, by growing their physical office space, or by expanding into a new market. Having another office in another region can expand your customer reach by allowing you to appeal to a new demographic.

What you learn whilst expanding regionally can then inform any decisions you might later make to expand internationally. Satellite offices give you the opportunity to grow your business both locally and globally.

2. Improved communication and collaboration

As your offices might be all across the country, in another region, or even in another country, this means that communication between offices is prioritised. In turn, this will improve the overall communication and collaboration of your employees. 

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One way that this is achieved is through unified communications. These packages are fantastic for enhancing your communications, allowing you to effectively communicate and collaborate with co-workers and customers alike over one web-hosted software system. 

3. Reduce employee commute

The closer your offices are to your employees, the less time it will take them to commute to work, making their day a lot easier. This leaves more time in the workday to actually do their jobs and manage their time efficiently. Plus, reduced commuting can really help cut your company’s carbon footprint. 

4. Better local customer support 

Having a local office will improve the efficiency of your customer support. Being local means that employees will have a better understanding of the area, allowing them to personalise all customer service.

5. Wider recruitment pool

Expanding into new regions will also allow you to engage the interest of more prospective employees. Talent in rural areas might have to travel a great deal to get to the city, giving your company a benefit from the get go. 

6. Connection to customer base

Employees that live and work in the same area as your customer base means that employees will be able to relate to customers on a personal basis. This will make your company seem more relatable and improve your customer satisfaction.

7. Improved efficiency 

Overall, satellite offices can really improve the efficiency of your day-to-day business. In the long run, this will be seen in increased customer and employee satisfaction, and of course increase profits. Especially in the time of remote working, why not consider a satellite office for your business.

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