Merchant Account Solutions New Clover System for Liquor Stores

New Clover System for Liquor Stores

Liquor stores that still rely on conventional cash registers and credit card readers may not be able to accept the latest payment methods. Clover Networks provides store owners with options for several tiers of point of sale hardware that can securely process EMV cards with chips as well as contactless near field communication payments. A choice of two system software plans offer consistent transaction processing rates and helpful operational tools. Find out why a new Clover system can be a good POS solution.

Process Payments

The ability to accept a wide variety of payment methods can increase sales. Any Clover system from the countertop Clover 2.0 Station to the portable CloverFlex all the way down to the Go mobile smart device attachment can accept payments from cards with chips or magnetic stripes and contactless NFC payment methods. The right Clover system for a liquor store depends on the layout and operational requirements of the location.

A Station can serve as a full-service register replacement, but a tablet-based Mini has a lower profile that can help to maintain sight lines for inventory control. The Clover Mobile and Flex both feature front-facing cameras and barcode or QR scanners for keeping track of inventory on the go. These hardware builds can also be combined to provide customers with the best experience and give employees the resources they need.

Manage Employees

Any Clover POS hardware running either the Register or Register Lite system software can handle employee permissions and shifts. The built-in software makes it simple to set up accounts to keep track of who is working when and maintain the highest standards for accountability. Owners can also track current sales data in Clover Dashboard or use the mobile Dashboard app to make more informed decisions about staffing.

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Applications in the Clover App Market can also be used to manage payroll. The App Market provides business owners using clover with access to hundreds of approved installations for accounting and operational management software. The hardware and software that comes with this POS system for liquor store and its compatibility with third-party applications and integrations can provide the best comprehensive retail management solution.

Organize Inventory

The Register system software plan provides liquor store owners with built-in inventory management features. Monitor stock through the built-in software or the Clover App on a computer or smart device. The Clover Station can be paired with a portable device such as the Mobile or Flex, both of which have cameras that enable employees to scan barcodes. Inventory management software integrations may also be compatible with Clover POS systems.

Depending on which payment processing and operational features a liquor store owner plans to use, he or she may prefer a full-service Clover Station, the tablet-based Mini or more portable options such as the Flex. The Register system software plan includes robust inventory management features and has a lower in-person transaction rate than the Register Lite software. Any Clover hardware and software can process a wide variety of payment methods and provide helpful operational management tools to store owners, managers and employees.


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