Benefits of Having a Dash Camera for Fleet Vehicles and Companies

The National Transportation Safety Board has advised all the semi-trucks owners to install fleet video monitoring systems in their vehicles for extra security. This allows trucking companies to protect themselves against accidents and fraud and can help them improve driver skill levels. Fleet dash cam benefits can eventually lead to a significant reduction in existing expenses. This saved money can further be used to enhance the performance of vehicles, expand the business and incentivise hardworking employees. Here are three noteworthy benefits of having a dash camera for your fleet vehicle:

Dash camera

1. Reduces Accidents

A vehicle dash cam comes with excellent accident recording capabilities. Dashcams can capture vehicle collisions on a video, ensuring that a digital witness is always present. This can be a valuable asset when proving your innocence in accidents. Unfortunately, most trucking companies always face legal issues when proving the innocence of their drivers and providing them with legal security in cases of accidents. This is because fleet vehicles are much larger than cars, and their drivers are wrongfully considered to always drive recklessly on the road.

Over 1,300,000 road deaths occur each year all over the world. Installing a dashcam in fleet vehicles will cut a driver’s collision rate by approximately 50%, saving the company the high cost of lawsuits and preserving its goodwill. In addition, advanced dash cameras have integrated video event recording features that single out sections of video before and after an accident by taking input from sensors. This feature enables fleet managers to quickly review the important events during the accident without having to fast-forward through the entire day’s footage. 

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2. Reduces Employee Fraud

Driver frauds and insurance company frauds are a few of the biggest struggles of fleet vehicle companies. Unfortunately, these scams are prevalent around the globe, and executives often find themselves in confusing positions trying to mitigate these risks, for these frauds cause substantial financial losses to many companies.

The presence of Dash camera inside vehicles makes scamming much more complicated for fraudsters. Vehicle monitoring fleet dash cam systems have advanced integrated settings that automatically trigger recordings at different times or when activated by signs of a vehicle crash.

3. GPS tracking

If you never want to lose track of your vehicle, getting dash cams installed along with reliable vehicle tracking Australia services is your best bet. Dashcams enable you to monitor your driver’s routes with built-in GPS and track the live location of each vehicle on various apps like Google Maps. This feature allows your company to expand its operations worldwide without the fear of fraud or theft of vehicles. This will also ensure that your drivers do not use cars off route or for personal reasons. Excessive personal use of vehicles by drivers can depreciate the value and performance of your vehicle, and your company has to bear extra maintenance costs.


Automation is the world’s future, and all industries are integrating software to improve their efficiency. This is the best time for your company to install the dashcams in your fleet vehicle to ensure security, prevent lawsuits, manage your workforce better and gain stronger control over your business operations. 

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