The 5 best apps to take notes with your mobile

A simple action such as making brief writing can lead to an experience that goes beyond a simple note or a reminder. Today, both Android and iOS users have different tools to get more out of their notes. There are applications capable of converting simple texts into dynamic and intuitive writings. To these writings, in addition to simple words, you can add graphics, shapes, flashy titles, etc. These are apps to take notes, that allow you to use these functions:

Google Keep is one of the most famous and used by users. It is available for both Android and iOS. This application allows you to make lists, drawings and even record voice memos and take pictures. It is totally free.

One Note This application of notes belongs to Microsoft and allows users to improve their experience when writing texts with the phone or tablet. This app is available for Android and iOS. In addition, it also offers desktop versions, both on Mac and Windows. It provides the possibility of making drawings, taking pictures and scanning documents.

ColorNote It is probably one of the most used since it appears at the beginning of the Play Store search engine when looking for note apps. It is a totally free application in which you can create reminders, anchor notes and lists in the notification bar, it is able to detect Internet links and phone numbers and offers the possibility of adding passwords to notes. The problem is that it is only available for Android users.

Notebook – Take notes This application is characterized by offering very advanced functions as well as being really intuitive. It is available for iOS and Android. Notebook offers the possibility of adding images, checklists and audio and scanning documents. It also allows you to attach PDF and Microsoft documents.

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Fair Note Notepad is a notes app designed, above all, for security. This application allows users to protect sensitive notes as they can be written in which passwords or intimate user data are stored. The app allows users to use their touch fingerprint, in case the device had this option, to protect the files. It is available only for Android although there is a very similar application for iOS called Note-Ify Notes. 
Note: With the exception of ColorNote, all are available for Android and iOS


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