The Best Way To Stop Your Computer From Slowing Down

Every time we use a new computer, we feel that it flies: all applications open quickly, the Internet seems to have increased speed and we can work better than ever. But as the months go by, we begin to notice that the machine is getting slower and slower. Could it be that it became obsolete in such a short time? It is very likely that this is not the case, but the computer needs some maintenance to return to its initial state.

You can always use some tools to do preventive maintenance on your computer, especially if you use Windows. But it is also a good idea to create some fairly simple habits so that the computer speed is optimized all the time.

Adjust the graphical user interface

Windows has many visual effects that make it very attractive to the eye. But, in a less modern computer, these effects only use more memory than is really unnecessary. To avoid this, you have to make some changes to the configuration.

In Windows 10 open Windows Explorer. Once there, right-click on This Equipment and in the context menu enter the Properties. A new window will open and to the left of it, there will be a link that will say Advanced System Settings. Enter there and another window will open. In the same tab click on Settings under the Performance section. Another window will open and you will have to choose to Adjust to get the best performance.

Improve computer startup

Some of the programs that are installed on the computer change the default Windows startup settings without our permission. What they do is start just when the PC is turned on, and the more applications you have to open, the slower the startup will be.

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To manually configure what we want to start with Windows, just press on the CONTROL + ALT + DELETE keypad and open Task Manager. Another way to open it is from the context menu that appears when you right-click on the Windows start button. Once this window is open, visit the Start tab and define there what programs you want to start with Windows. It also disables those that you think are not necessary.

Delete temporary files – Computer

The easiest way to delete these files is by using the default Windows tool, called Disk Cleanup. This application will search for all files that are taking up too much unnecessary space in the operating system and will delete them, including temporary files.

It is important to do this at least once a month to avoid slowness due to the accumulation of temporary files saved by the constant use of the Internet, but also to reduce the risk of any malware that is hidden there.

Use Windows Defender

It is a good idea to use Windows Defender as an antivirus, which is included in Windows by default. This antivirus is very efficient because it keeps updated with all the threats that are on the web. In addition, it is quite light, using little memory to do its job, it is free and not invasive at all.


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