Does Brave Browser Have a Default VPN?

VPNs are no longer considered a luxury in the modern world of the internet where surveillance programs increase in number every year and more and more services use geoblocks to restrict content.

Users looking for more online privacy and security can always go into the Settings menu of whichever web browser is currently installed on the device and delete search history. Brave even encourages action. But sometimes users need more protection.

The Brave browser claims to offer better protection for the user’s online identity, browsing history, and real IP address but does the Brave browser come with a VPN provider which is considered the ultimate privacy solution?

Brave browser

Does Brave Have a Virtual Private Network Service?

Yes, Brave browser does offer a VPN service. But the Brave VPN app is only available on Apple iOS devices.

How Much Does Brave Browser Default VPN Cost?

Currently, users have to pay $9 per month to use the Brave VPN extension. Just like other VPN services or web browsers with premium built-in VPN protection on multiple devices, Brave browser offers a trial period.

How to Enable Brave VPN Trial Period?

If the user’s iOS device supports Brave Firewall VPN (yes, Brave browser VPN app also has a firewall component) then the Settings menu should have a button for the privacy option.

Once the user clicks the button the entire device gets protection at the network level from unwanted surveillance on the internet.

According to the official website of Brave, the trial period lasts only 7-days.

How to Get Brave Firewall VPN?

As alluded to earlier, iOS users only need the Brave browser installed on the iOS mobile device to connect to Brave VPN servers and form a VPN connection after enabling the trial period (after which users will have to subscribe to a package).

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How to Use Brave VPN?

To use Brave VPN, users must launch Brave, go to the Settings menu and if the option is available click on the VPN button.

Once done, the Brave VPN creates an extra layer of protection surrounding the user’s internet connection.

Similarly, the Brave Firewall forms another barrier between the online world and the user’s device.

Does Brave VPN Work?

Yes, Brave VPN does work. Currently, Brave does not support all mobile platforms though. The VPN works only on iOS devices currently.

Who is Behind Brave VPN?

Guardian Firewall and VPN is powering Brave VPN. While Guardian VPN is not amongst the top VPN providers in the business today, the service does offer a standard virtual private network service to users of the Brave browser on iOS.

Is Brave Browser VPN Connection Worth it?

Yes but not for all users. Brave browser virtual private service is convenient and does not require the user to install any add-ons to work.

Just have the Brave browser installed on an iOS mobile device. Once enabled, the Brave Firewall VPN protects the entire device.

Is Brave Firewall VPN Safe?

Yes, Brave is a very privacy-oriented web browser with a good reputation. Brave is also open source. The Brave browser VPN only adds to the set of already-installed privacy features on Brave such as Tor and Brave Shields.

Does Brave Browser VPN Protect Against Malware?

Yes, Brave VPN does protect against certain types of malware with help from the firewall component. Users should expect protection from viruses, trackers and other common online threats on non-secure or public WiFi networks.

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How Many Simultaneous Connections does Brave Browser VPN Support

Users can connect up to five devices per account. The only thing users need to make sure is that all devices must have Brave installed.

How to Purchase Brave VPN With BAT?

Currently, Brave does not allow users to purchase the web browser’s virtual private service via BAT currency.

How to Solve Brave VPN Problems?

As mentioned before, Brave currently has a partnership with Guardian Firewall and VPN that allows users to get customer support 24/7 about any technical or payment issues.

Does Brave Have Tor?

Yes, Brave does offer the Tor feature for added privacy, online security and anonymity.

How to Use Tor in Brave?

The steps to use Tor in Brave are given below:

  1. Launch the Brave app.
  2. Click the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner of the screen to open a sub-menu.
  3. Click New private Window With Tor.
  4. Brave should launch a new window via which users can access the online world while having Tor protection.

The faster way is to just press Alt + Shift + N to open a Tor enabled Brave window.

How to Get Protection on Brave on Mobile Devices?

Since Brave is only offering the new VPN component on iOS, other mobile and desktop users of Brave have to go with third-party options which are equally, if not, more private and secure.

Some of the top services offering privacy and security in the online world on Brave include CyberGhost, SurfShark, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN.

Should You Use Brave VPN?

Compared to what is being offered in the market today in terms of privacy and security products (some free too), privacy services offered by Brave are a bit lacking.

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Firstly the network protection services offered by Brave are only available on the iOS platform which is very restrictive when other third-party options such as NordVPN and SurfShark not only offer privacy services on all platforms but do so at a much lower rate.

Secondly, only 5 simultaneous connections are allowed from a privacy solution that costs close to $10 a month and $100 a year. Other elite VPNs like SurfShark and IPVanish support unlimited simultaneous connections and not just iOS protection and that too, again, at a lower cost.


Standalone third-party VPN solutions offer better value for money than the Brave Firewall+VPN solution.

With that said, Brave has certainly taken the right step in offering users even more privacy-focused products and features without any extra cost.

Now, Brave only needs to improve those privacy solutions and web browser components to the extent that Brave is able to compete with third-party solutions available on the market today such as SurfShark and NordVPN.


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