What Cyber Security Risks Are on the Rise Due to Work-From-Home Culture?

More and more people are working from home than ever before. So much so that a work-from-home-culture has emerged and increased the need to reexamine and redefine cyber security risks. There is an increased concern about keeping data safe and privacy paramount because of this fast growing culture. Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, here are some cyber security risks that are on the rise.

Data Security

At the top of the cybersecurity risk list is data security. It’s already a full time job keeping data secure, and IT support Sydney has its hands full keeping data secure with the increase in remote workers. Companies have to be extremely vigilant with the training of employees regarding data security and privacy. A knowledgeable workforce that understands the gravity of cybersecurity is less likely to make costly mistakes that put companies and their clients at risk.

Cyber security risks

Unsecure Wifi Networks

When employees leave the firewall safety of the physical company and hop on an unsecure wifi network like what many retailers and restaurants offer customers, unfortunate circumstances can easily follow. Using public wifi opens the door for more than just cyber threats. Things like not using a privacy screen protector allows others to see what is on the screen and leaving devices unattended are risky. Employees using home wireless networks that are not using a VPN may be unknowingly exposing sensitive data.

Using Personal Devices

Working from home can sometimes blur the lines between work and home. Many remote employees are guilty of switching between personal and work devices while completing tasks. It may not always be done intentionally. Accessing files from an android device is often convenient in a moment, but doing this can leave company credentials and other information unguarded and at risk of a cyber attack. Even devices that have heavy security measures like encryption and lock codes can fall into the wrong hands and cause a world of trouble.

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Inside Threats

Most companies know that they have to keep an eye out for outside threats, but many companies are not prepared for a threat to come from inside. Inside threats can be difficult to detect because the malicious actor is familiar with the company protocol and ways to fly under the radar. With remote workers, inside threat actors have more opportunities to create cyber mischief. Sensitive or private data can easily be downloaded to a USB device or shared with someone outside of the company.

There is no shortage of cyber threats in the 21st century, and working from home has made it a little easier for hackers and threat actors to gain access to sensitive information. Now that you are aware of some of the more popular cybersecurity risks, you can take the necessary steps to safeguarding your company, its data and its affiliates. Create a strong endpoint detection and response solution, make use of a firewall, employ multi-factor authentication and incorporate VPNs into your remote workers’ infrastructure and enjoy the peace of mind they bring. 


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