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Ever since, the file format called portable document file or PDF existed. People transitioned from using specific document formats to maximizing PDF as their trusted file format. It delivers its content and assures security every transfer, online or through other ways like drives or USB portals. Its contents and layout do not change even after multiple transfers. 

This trait of the file format sets it apart from other document formats like Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint Presentation, and other known file formats. However, this way of doing things still seems to be lacking then. That is how the idea of PDF conversion entered the mind of the professionals and started working to make it happen.

GogoPDF is Different From Others

In terms of how to convert pdf to png, ever since its idea was brought out, countless websites struggle and thrive on having and becoming one. However, GogoPDF can still say that it is the best PDF converter there is, and it can be seen on their webpage. GogoPDF confidently vouches for the users’ utmost enjoyment and hassle-free experience on the website.

GogoPDF is a user-friendly website, allowing millions of users worldwide ease of use and PDF conversion to and from PDF unlimitedly as much as they want. It does not overwhelm the users with extravagant and boisterous designs and interiors; instead, it sticks to having a simplistic and calming appearance for easy navigation. 

For GogoPDF, less is more. It is real and is exhibited by the website itself. It uses fewer words so the user will not have an information overload. It is replaced with clickable buttons for various aspects of information the user wants to know. Ranging from its privacy policy, FAQs, the Terms and Conditions when using, and how to contact them if you wish. 

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All the other services aside from PDF conversion were also displayed to supply the users with information and ideas about all the other modifications, compressions, and edits the website can do. What makes it truly different from others is GogoPDF aims to continuously provide a free, honest, and secured PDF conversion on every user anytime and anywhere.

GogoPDF’s Trustworthy Characteristics

You will not be ashamed of the website’s features in a wide array of terms. If it comes to your attention that free websites are usually bogus or scams, it is understood. However, GogoPDFs understand all the concerns regarding its affordability and availability to make others try hard in comparison. 

With all the concerns regarding its free-of-charge conversions, GogoPDF supports all of it with reliable security, compatibility, accessibility, and speed. As one can infer through a series of website usage, GogoPDF dramatically relies on its capability to be operated entirely online. The start-up to the finishing touches of the conversions takes place online.

This is where the website’s compatibility and accessibility lies. Questions regarding the device required to use the website may arise, and it will be answered by it does not matter. GogoPDF is compatible with all major operating systems like Windows and Mac and accessible from Google, Firefox, and other acknowledged internet portals.

Convert to and from PDF without worries at all times. This is what GogoPDF commits itself to achieve. For this, its servers are programmed to remove and erase files uploaded within it automatically after an hour of inactivity. This is a bright idea considering that people with bad intentions can target online conversions. 

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Free online PDF converter

The Website’s Process Guide

To guarantee a walk in the park conversion experience to the users, GogoPDF diligently made steps separated into four phases that contain thorough explanations of the entire transformation procedure. These steps are positioned on the spot that the users will quickly see below its online conversion toolbox. 

The first step is to find and select the document or PDF file you want to convert into another file format. Users can either pick the file then click okay to submit or drag and drop it onto the toolbox. Then it will be the signal for the system to start scanning the uploaded file before sending it to its servers.

GogoPDF will proceed with the conversion process once it is ready. This will only take a few minutes, which is noticeably quicker than any other application or online converters. The user does not need to free up some time from his schedule to accommodate his file conversion because he can do it simultaneously. 

Once the conversion is finished, GogoPDF will display instructions on how to download the file or upload it on their respective Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. The system also generates links if the user wants to share them with other people. He needs to copy it and paste it on any messaging platform. 


It is hard to trust new websites, and is always better to stick with your old one. However, GogoPDF is confident that it is better than all your old ones combined. With its simple and approachable appearance, you do not need a high understanding of how to convert your PDF files, unlike any other online converters. 

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