Compress And Split PDF Tool: Two Of The Most Used Functions Under GoGoPDF Service And How To Use Them

Compressing and splitting your PDF files has been made easy with GoGoPDF. The website is free and safe to utilize. In just a matter of clicks, your files will be ready for you to use. You just have to follow the steps indicated, and everything will be smooth and quick as thunder. 

As long as your device is connected to the internet, you can fully perform the task without even a single complexity. PDF compression tool and split PDF tool are just two of the most used functions under the PDFBear service. Users are free to utilize these functions. Let’s discuss these two common tools as well as the steps on how to use them. 

Compress PDF Tool

You will surely save a lot of space when you use this tool. Each step provided is not even complicated. Even your kids can understand. Just read and understand the given instructions carefully. This is an instant operation, and believe it or not, and it will compress PDF in just a matter of seconds without causing you headaches. 

There seem to be several websites on the internet that are closely related to this, but hundreds of users love GoGoPDF. Why? Because it’s easily accessible. You don’t need to set it up. If you’re using internet service, you are good to go. So, how to use the tool? Here are the steps. 

Compress and split PDF tool

Select Files

Open the browser of your choice, visit the GoGoPDF website, and feel free to upload your PDFs to the compression area. Click the “Select Files” button to do this, and your screen will automatically direct you to the available PDFs on your device. 

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With GoGoPDF, they have ensured that their platform is secure and protected for everyone since users’ privacy is their number one priority. After you have finished compressing your PDFs using their tool, the site will automatically remove your document from their platform after an hour.

Let The Tool Process Your Uploaded PDFs

Once your PDFs are already uploaded to the website’s system, you just have to sit back, relax, and let their service do the entire compression process on your behalf. It might take a minute, but it will be quicker if you have a fast internet connection. 

The website ensures that users will never experience too complicated a process as part of their service. With GoGoPDF, be guaranteed that your compressed document will have a high-quality resolution. 

Download And Share

When the tool already compressed your PDFs, download and keep the output on your device. It will be ready for any online transactions. You can also use your Google Drive and Dropbox as your saving medium. You can also copy the site’s link and share its service online to let your friends know its excellent service. 

Split PDF Tool

With GoGoPDF, you can instantly split your PDF pages without giving you any hassles. Thus, this is especially helpful if you are in a rush and want an immediate solution to your problem. Splitting your PDFs is just like making a cup of tea with this tool. How to split? Follow these procedures below. 

Upload The Documents To The Compression Box

The process is clear and concise. You just have to import the PDFs from your gadget by clicking the “Select Files” button. You can also upload documents using Google Drive or Dropbox and select the appropriate option for your PDFs.  After selecting, this is where the real fun begins.

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Sit Back And Relax

Once you find the right option for your PDFs or how you want them to be split, just sit back, relax, and allow the tool to work on your behalf. This is entirely free, giving you a hundred more reasons why you should use the site. The compression will only take a few seconds to complete. 

Save And Share It To Your Friends

When completed, you are free to download and save the final output on any gadget you prefer. It will only take a matter of seconds to download your newly updated documents completely. The tool will also provide you with a shareable link if you want to share its service with your social media friends. 


GoGoPDF is one of the most user-friendly websites that allows users to compress and split their PDF files in the fastest way possible. There will be complicated steps under their service. Every process is hassle-free and convenient. Split or compress your PDFs now with GoGoPDF, and for sure, the site will be your newest favorite website. 


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