Tips on Getting Precise Latest News With the Right Apps: Newspaper Apps

It’s a sad fact that creating a great newspaper is a dying art, and having one delivered right to your door is becoming a thing of the past. However, as a newspaper lover myself, I decided to research some of the best online newspaper apps that I could read conveniently from my phone.

Best 10 Newspaper Apps

I found this helpful website that listed out some of the best newspaper apps available on my phone. I’d love to share some of the thoughts I had about these apps while I sampled them all.

Newspaper Apps

Read the newspaper anytime, anywhere

Newspapers have always been popular with commuters: train and bus riders eat up newspaper articles like candy. You see it in the movies: the businessman in the black suit with one leg propped up on the other knee and the newspaper spread wide. And you’d see the ladies with the newspapers or magazines tucked in between their arm and their side as they carried their purse into work. But what they don’t show in those scenes is the newspaper getting drenched by rain or spilled coffee, or even blowing away in the wind.

You see, it’s the 21st century. We can do better! We all want to get the latest news, but now we can read up on it from our phones, without weather risking our chances of reading that article we’ve had our eye on. You can conveniently take the newspaper with you onto the bus, on the train, or have an automated voice read it to you as you drive to work. Now that’s living in today while still enjoying yesterday’s traditions.

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Get notified of breaking news immediately

If you rely on your TV for all of your breaking news stories, you might end up losing your picture when you need it most. High winds, bad weather, and power outages can affect your ability to get the news you need from your TV. However, newspaper mobile apps can send you notifications when there is news that you need to know. And you’ll never have to check for yourself. The notifications come right onto your home screen.

The best part about breaking news notifications is that they are customizable on most of these apps. You can put your settings on certain kinds of news, a certain area of news, or certain genres of news like politics or sports. You’ll get all of the notice on the news you want without having to bother with notifications that aren’t important to you. You’ll also stay up-to-date on all of the current events that you want to be knowledgeable about.

Go green with your news

Newspaper mobile apps also offer you something very unique: environmentally friendly ways to catch up on your news and read articles. The environmental impact of newspaper companies has taken its toll on more than its fair share of forests, and it’s time we all took a step in the right direction to conserve the great planet we have. Enjoying your news on a screen can be just as enjoyable as the real ink and paper, and you get to be a citizen with a global consciousness.

Along with helping the environment, you can avoid the rising cost of paper. As more and more newspapers feel the pinch of technological innovations that are making their product obsolete, paper copies of the news will continue to rise in price. Almost all of the same newspapers you know and love are available through mobile apps, so you will benefit from saving yourself some money and helping save the planet too.

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Mobile newspaper apps may not be the romantic choice, but they’ll let you conveniently read the news from anywhere at any time while also keeping you notified on the news you need to hear right now.


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