6 Things To Consider When Choosing An Android Fax App

Faxing is among the oldest technologies used in communication in the business community. Even though advanced communication versions like emails and instant messaging have taken center stage, faxing still plays a significant role in dealing with sensitive documents. Thus, it’s no major surprise that you’ll find the development of mobile device applications to accommodate this business necessity.

Previous fax communication required a telephone line and installing a modem to operate. Additionally, the hardware needed space and reams of paper. All these added to your overall office expenses. However, mobile applications provide a platform where you and your team can send and receive documents from any location, provided you have an internet connection.

Choosing A Mobile Fax App

There are several applications that developers make for the various mobile operating systems. As the android operating system is more widely available, choosing an Android Fax App might be better. It is because you may find most of your business partners using the same platform. Additionally, your team members might be using android platform smartphones.

It’s important to note that despite this ease of picking based on the platform, the vast availability of android fax apps would require a careful selection. Below are some things to consider when choosing an android fax app for your business.

Fax app

1. The App’s Pricing Plans And Payment Options

As an expense, you would want a fax app pricing plan with convenient payments within your schedules. Additionally, you want a subscription plan that gives you room to increase or reduce depending on your business needs for a given period. Therefore, the fax app you settle for should provide you with affordability and flexibility.

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For instance, some fax apps have pricing plans like pay per page, per fax, monthly, or annually. Such a diverse plan offers you the choice to select one which doesn’t strain your cash flow.

Furthermore, the fax app should allow you to upgrade or cancel if your needs change. It’s crucial to note that most apps would give you a free trial to enable you to experience its features. Thus, this can help you settle on a favorable fax app from the payment and pricing plans it has on its dashboard.

2. Check Availability Of Fax And Toll Numbers

Even though most basic subscription plans offer a free fax number, some apps can allow you to upgrade and extend an unlimited number of fax lines to you. It can mean your team gets individual fax numbers to improve their productivity and service delivery.   

Additionally, some apps might have specific regions where the fax numbers can and can’t send or receive faxes. Therefore, when selecting a fax app, it’s vital to see if the fax numbers you get allow you to send faxes to your business locations. Overall, check how many free fax numbers you get allocated and the geographical functionality of these numbers.   

3. Technical Support

Like other technologies, android fax apps can encounter various hitches at any time of the day. As such, it would be best if you could receive assistance when you require it. Thus, you should select the app that has 24-hour technical support. If you encounter problems, you can rest easy because their tech support is prepared 24/7 to assist you. This way, you can improve your business processes and avoid delays.

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4. The Security Measures

Most of the documents you fax contain sensitive data to which you wouldn’t want an authorized party to be privy. Thus, when selecting a fax app, consider its encryption grade. You can find fax apps that use either 128-bit encryption or 256-bit encryption in the market. However, cybersecurity experts recommend 256-bit encryption, as it’s more secure and difficult to hack. Therefore, your app choice should show that it uses it.

In addition to the encryption, a fax app should include a multi-layer protection system that requires added log-in credentials. This system, multi-factor authentication (MFA), can be in the form of a biometric provision or one-time pin (OTP). Such added security measures ensure that whoever accesses the documents on the app has the required authority. Thus, your data can always be safe and secure.   

5. Monthly Number Of Pages

Service provision on android fax apps can vary extensively. Some apps can provide a fixed number of pages you can send per month, while others offer a range. However, some allow you to create a custom plan to fit your monthly faxing needs. Therefore, you can base your selection on the number of pages you can send monthly.

For instance, if you have a seasonal project, you can pick a fax app that gives you a scalability feature. It enables you to adjust the number of faxes on a season-by-season basis.

6. Compliance With Industry Regulations

Each industry has its privacy regulations to protect the data and information of customers and businesses. Therefore, your fax app choice shouldn’t infringe on privacy rules provided in these regulations. For instance, if you’re in the healthcare field, it would help if the fax app you choose meets the health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA) compliance rules.

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Android fax apps provide the convenience and flexibility associated with mobile devices. Thus, getting one for your business can add value to your operations. When choosing a fax app, it would help to consider the above factors before settling on a final one.


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