Most Innovative Technologies Implemented Into The Gaming Industry In 2023

The gaming industry is invariably and inevitably developing at a high rate, with new titles emerging and pushing the limits of what was previously unimaginable. Global gaming giants are planning to expand their capabilities even further, establishing new trends constantly in order to feed and attract the hungry tech enthusiasts out there.

So what are the newest technology trends for this new year ahead you may ask? Well, this article will help bring you up to speed on the most innovative technologies in 2023.

Technology in 2023

Gaming industry
Technology Has Changed Our Lives

The Online Casino Industry

One of the latest trends in the online casino industry is crypto payments, with Ethereum being one of the most prevalent and used currencies on the market, it is no wonder that most online casinos are offering this crypto as a payment method to their players. 

With over 130 casinos that are already accepting Ethereum payments and a select top 10 Ethereum casinos that are looming over the rest. Players have more attractive bonuses and incentives than ever before and picking out a favorite is becoming somewhat difficult.

A whole list of ethereum casinos has emerged in recent times, offering their players safe, secure, and speedy transactions, along with the latest technological advancements providing exceptional gaming options and surrealistic graphics. 

Gaming technology has also advanced expeditiously towards mobile. With the fast pace, the world runs nowadays, it is inevitable that individuals are on the lookout for the best casino experiences even whilst out and about. This technology allows players to play their favorite titles at any time they wish. Live sports betting is also another advantage of mobile technological advancements since it allows punters to bet on the go and/or change their bets whilst the game is still ongoing.

The Headlong Dive Into The Virtual Reality That Is The Metaverse

With the permanence of a virtual space where individuals are able to interact with one another and their digital possessions via avatars. Virtual reality is not only relevant when it comes to gaming, it is expanding to social platforms where people are able to communicate, purchase virtual assets such as cryptocurrencies, and even attend events across the globe from the comfort of their own homes. 

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As the capabilities of the metaverse evolve further they are somewhat equalizing with the real world, where for example remote work is utilizing VR technologies to the extent that it is already considered the norm. The amplification of VR, AI, and AR is delivering unparallel, real-time virtual experiences to a massive number of individuals around the globe. This technology is bringing forth previously unimaginable options and access to a whole new world for all. 

Cloud Based Gaming

Cloud-Based Gaming was brought forth in 2000, allowing individuals to save computer storage and providing end-users with the straightforward dexterity to play games across devices sans the dependent delays. Since the processing power required to run the games is provided by the cloud the player can simply enjoy the state-of-the-art gaming options out there without requiring a super powerful computer. The global cloud gaming market is expected to reach a whopping $8.17 billion by 2025. 

Most of the major names in the iGaming industry are now offering their games through cloud subscriptions. The ongoing proliferation of lightning-speed networks such as 5G will continue to upgrade and contribute to the larger adoption of cloud gaming in the future. The impact and future of connectivity are still underway and are to reach even greater heights. 

Blockchain and P2E 

Regardless of the hazing enthusiasm of the NFT, as reported by NonFungible, the total art sales of NFT reached approximately $1.7m between August 2021 and February 2022. NFTs are the key component of play-to-earn gaming and will continue to prevail in their presence in the gaming market. This trend continues on since play-to-earn games from the expansion of Axie Infinity to The Sandbox which allows individuals to create their own digital assets. These types of games which generally do not require powerful hardware are especially attracted by those from less prospering parts of the world. 

Developers have to become more and more inventive and plan out games that will continue to evolve into the future since P2E games are becoming rather hard to stand out since so many have started sprouting everywhere. 

The Up-Rise of Indie Games 

These types of games are created by smaller teams of developers and in some cases singular individuals without the support of a publisher. These are innovative games when compared to the ready-bloated gaming market of next-gen graphics. 

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The indie gaming environment is developing steadily alongside its polished AAA franchise counterparts and invariably blows up the minds of seasoned gamers and the general public alike from time to time. An example of this was The Last Of Us Part II, a 3D adventure that peaked in the summer of 2022 with its amazing graphics and that shows the love that has been put into it for the past 7 years. 

Robox, the online gaming and creation platform allows users to create and play their own games or those created by others. The booming popularity of this platform is fed by its simplicity and capabilities since even a rookie can put together a simple game whilst utilizing its tools. Robox’s internal currency allows everybody to purchase branded digital items right within the platform itself. 

Remakes & Reboots

Old iconic games are constantly streaming with remakes in an attempt to re-interpret an existing game, this is done by developing a new game that preserves the base storyline and core elements of its older sibling. The urge to provide fans of the old games a sense of nostalgia packaged in modern graphics has slowly taken precedence amongst publishers that have started planning and releasing re-makes of the classics. 

Games such as Crash Bandicoot was one of the 20 top best-sellers in rebooted games last year, along with the Final Fantasy VII release which catapulted positions immediately. It became the top-selling game in the US in April of 2020, whilst ranking 3rd among the best-selling games the same year and the best start in the history of the whole series by surpassing Final Fantasy XV. 

eSports Gaming 

eSports Gaming is a multiplayer live video game that is competitively played, typically by professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts for their spectators. This is not the newest trend by all means, it has been popular for a decent amount of years within the mobile gaming industry. Live streaming services allow users to watch and play their most favored games in real-time directly on their TV, by browsing web resources, and within live events. Statistics in 2022 revealed that eSports was valued at just upwards of USD1.38 billion last year and is being predicted to rise to USD1.87 by 2025. 

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Wearable Technology Gaming Development

To an “ordinary” person wearable technology refers to smart devices with high-quality sensors such as smart watches, bracelets, rings, and other wearables that track body data that are accessible on their other smart devices. 

This portable technology allows participants to fully immerse themselves in their favorite games utilizing VR and AR. With a wide variety of games, innovations and technological advancements within portable gaming devices this technology has become sought after by thousands of individuals globally. This type of portable gaming technology allows users to make improvements to their physicality by moving their bodies in physical reality.

Cross Platform Gaming

Multiplayer gaming used to be impossible if you had an Xbox and your friends had a PS4 for example. This has now changed with games such as Minecraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Fortnite, and Rocket League are possible to be played whilst using different brands of devices. Even though technology has been the biggest setback for cross-platform gaming thus far, however, 2023 is looking rather promising already.  


Technological advancements in 2023 are yet to take flight, the above-mentioned technologies are all in the process of being re-vamped, and re-shaped into even more accessible and powerful systems for all to enjoy. It is expected that in 2023 these trends will take off much faster than before. The uprise in technology especially within the iGaming industry is slowly becoming more and more accessible to all. With trends still spurting within the iGaming industry and new developments such as the metaverse it is slightly challenging to determine what is coming next and how these technologies will evolve. What is certain is that everyone will have some sort of technological advancement to sink their teeth into in 2023. Unless you don’t have any teeth, that is. In that case, you might want to find out what is an Alevoloplasty and go from there. 


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