Happy To Help – Introducing the virtual concierge for casinos

In 2018, the casino (kaszinó online) world was abuzz with the news that the legendary Las Vegas casino and hotel company, Caesars Entertainment,  was set to introduce a virtual concierge by way of an app.

Help yourself

Concierges have always been an expected – but expensive – part of any casino hotel and these hospitality professionals often run off their feet as they attempt to attend to the needs of a huge number of customers – for perspective, Caesar’s Palace alone has a staggering 4000 guest rooms.  At just over $16 an hour, this soon adds up for hotel giants like Caesars who were used to employing multiple concierges.

Traditionally, a concierge for casinos role would involve making sure all guests’ needs are attended to – whether this meant answering a few questions or putting together an entire itinerary for the guest’s stay.  Although this personal approach is still very much welcomed by many guests, Caesars Entertainment recognised the fact that some of the concierge tasks could be performed through technology – and that many guests would actually appreciate the speed and convenience that this offers. 

The Ivy league

In 2018, Caesars Entertainment introduced its Ivy App (Created by Go Moment) into 6000 rooms in its Las Vegas resorts, including Caesar’s Palace and The LINQ Hotel and Casino.  Chief Experience Officer for Caesars Entertainment, Michael Marino, says, ‘This technology allows us to elevate the guest experience and improve speed and efficiency, resulting in increased customer satisfaction levels, and seamless experiences for your guests,’ Michael added, ‘Service is at the forefront of everything we do at Caesars Entertainment’. 

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The app, which is still being rolled out, is accessed by Smartphone and is able to perform a number of tasks, including: 

  • Obtain local information
  • Order room service and external restaurants
  • Book activities
  • Set alarms
  • Set and adjust temperature
  • Draw the curtains
  • Buying casino chips
  • Booking tables

The app, which has drawn favorable responses from guests, will almost certainly prove to be a financial game changer for Caesars and many other similar establishments have since jumped onto the bandwagon in order to save money while providing a heightened guest experience. 

Although the app is certainly good news, Caesars does recognise the fact that some customers may be reluctant to replace an actual human concierge with a Smartphone and, so, the company still allows customers the option of going old school when it comes to help and advice during their stay. 


Technology such as concierge apps may divide opinion among guests, however, it’s clear that there are a number of advantages to these – not least the fact that hotel casinos like Caesars will be able to funnel the cost savings made from using these into making their venues even more luxurious and enjoyable for their visitors. 


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