The Best Tricks and Secrets for Garena Free Fire Players

Game lovers are already familiar with the greatest collection of action games. Among those Garena Free Fire is also included among the best games. Yet today here we’ll share some of the best Tricks and Secrets For Garena Free Fire.

The particular gameplay was always considered among the best action gameplay. Where the players can enjoy a multiplayer option for free. Though developers already implant different modes in the form of maps and battlefields.

Yet the majority of gamers already make themselves familiar with those modes. Hence for newbies, it is considered difficult to sustain their position against pro players. Improve your mobile screen skills, get the app, or learn the shortcuts, there are many ways to be the ultimate fighter in this game.

What are Tricks and Secrets For Garena Free Fire

Tricks and Secrets For Garena Free Fire mean steps that offer an advantage to players against others. The purpose of sharing those key points here is to shed some fruitful information. That helps the beginners and newbies inside the battlefield.

When this gameplay was firstly launched there plenty of errors exists. Even the situation was entirely different for all players. But it’s been long years and those who were playing the game from the beginning got the upper hand over others.

The reason for that is due to familiar spots and modes. The old players are well aware of places and key points. That provides a full advantage to gamers against others. Though below here we’ll discuss some of those best tricks.

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Which will assist in playing games easily and also help in becoming a pro gamer in less time. Though different pro items and other necessary items are also approachable to access. But most of those pro items are categorized in the premium section.

Without purchasing those premium items it is considered impossible to play games. Even most pro gamers already owned this premium equipment. Due to the usage of these upgraded items, the players feel more confident and secure.

If we compare the random gamers with pro ones. Then we found these upgraded items used by the pro-Garena free fire gamers. Using these upgraded Skins, Costumes, Weapons, and Effects will assist inside the battleground.

Apart from upgraded material playing skill matters the most. If you equip yourself with all these upgraded costumes, your performance is similar to beginners. Then we can assure you that you may unable to win a single match.

Hence playing skills matter a lot and here inside this particular review. We’ll share some of the best Tricks and Secrets for Garena Free Fire. Adopting those key points inside play will make sure improved playing style and offers a direct upper hand against other gamers.

Free fire free

Play Cool and Calm

The majority of gamers complain about the survivability problem. Because in main cases they landed in the center of map or circle. As the experts believe the center of the circle is counted among the densest and most intense places where the majority of fights are accomplished.

So the most secretive technique to live long inside a battleground is to land at the edge of the circle. This never means the edges are always considered safer as compared to places. Sometimes the gamers may experience intense fights there.

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If you believe the opponent is stronger than your calculation. Then it will be considered great if you avoid fighting and choose to leave the place cleverly. And only fights back when the situation seems more feasible and advantageous to you.

Choose Higher Ground While Fight

If you’re a beginner in the game and searching for the right spot to hunt enemies. Then we recommend those players choose higher ground for a fight. Taking higher ground will enable the players to take easy kills without causing serious damage.

There are other advantages of taking a higher ground. The first advantage is to avoid serious damage. The second good thing about positioning over higher ground is the best shooting angle. For suppose if the gamer is successful in taking a higher point then it will take down gamers in a single shot.

Loot Crates and Other Items at Glance

Loot crates mean plenty of different weapons and ammo. Moreover, it may offer long strength scopes which makes it easier in taking down the enemy. In major cases we found the players looting crates during a big fight.

This will be considered the biggest mistake because during a fight the enemy always spots their eyes over different locations. For suppose if the enemy locates your loose point then he/she will not waste time. And take down the opponent by taking a body shot.

Always Stay Inside Circle                                                    When the players landed they waste the majority of their time collecting unnecessary items. Until they realize it getting too late, the blue zone has already captured them. This means the radiation will lower the body’s health.

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Even if the circle closes and becomes shorter, the radiation damage ultimately increases. So in this regard, we suggest the players always keep an eye overtimes. And try to end up their position inside the safe zone or circle.


You always admire becoming a pro gamer inside the battleground. Yet unable to become a good player due to lack of information or skills. Those free fire players should read this article carefully because inside here we already shared some of the best Tricks and Secrets for Garena Free Fire. 


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