Four home automation solutions to protect the home

Hiring a connected alarm service may seem the most logical solution to protect the home, but there is also the option of installing a home automation surveillance system. These devices connect to the home router so that the user can connect remotely and view the video, images, activate alarms and even talk to whoever is at home. These systems require an initial investment for the hardware, but, as a counterpart, they lack subscription fees.

Netatmo Security, artificial intelligence to monitor the home

There is no doubt that being able to remotely see what happens in the home when it is empty, can be very reassuring, but this way of monitoring the house does not really alert events that require user intervention. Now, what if the camera ‘read’ the faces and identified the faces alerting about the entry of intruders and recording their activity? This is possible in the Netatmo Security camera thanks to a complex system based on Artificial Intelligence through which the camera has a facial recognition system that learns over time. The greatness of this system is that it notifies the user of the arrival at the home of both its inhabitants (ideal for parents) and above all, of the entry of strangers; The system allows recording sequences in the cloud and rejects movement alerts generated by pets.

Ring Door View Cam, a ‘smart’ peephole

The security of the house begins at the entrance door itself and the American manufacturer Ring proposes an innovative product that avoids having to place a camera inside the house, a circumstance that can bother you for privacy reasons. In this sense, the Door View Cama security element has evolved that has remained unchanged since its creation: the peephole of the door. Peeking into the peephole when someone knocks on the door is an elementary safety habit, but it can improve a lot thanks to technology. This easy-to-install device detects the movement (and even when someone knocks on the door), the owner receiving a notification on the mobile, from whose application he can speak by the caller and of course, visualize what happens in real-time. Those who have an Echo device with a screen can invoke the Alexa assistant to show who is at the door of the house.

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Nest IQ Cam, the power of Google for home security

But if what is desired is to incorporate all the potential in Google Artificial Intelligence at home, it is best to opt for the Nest range (acquired by the company) that includes a whole series of products that incorporate not only security but also to the company’s powerful assistant. In this sense, the Nest Cam IQ camera offers a sophisticated facial recognition system and even tracking people who help a lot when it comes to informing the user of what is happening at home in their absence. Unlike some of its rivals, the Cam IQ allows two-way communication, so you can talk remotely with those at home. However, Google offers the Nest Hub as an additional product, a screen with the built-in assistant through which everything that happened in the camera can be viewed in a live voice.

Wattio, the home automation security system

Those who want a security system without connection fees and that is able to notify the neighbours that they choose in case of alarm, the Basque firm Wattio offers an easy-to-install security kit that has motion sensors, magnetic and even with a siren that jumps in case of intrusion; Of course, all managed remotely through an application. This company goes a step further using a system that has been baptized as Co Alert and notifies of the alarm breaks in the mobile of the people selected by the user, something useful in its absence. Additionally, the firm has just presented a service that employs the same hardware, is oriented to the care of the elderly or dependent persons, through an intelligent system that detects changes in the affected person’s routine by notifying the administrator of the same.

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