Samsung Galaxy Active 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Although these two smartwatches are excellent individually speaking of each of them, they have certain differences that are important to know when choosing between one or the other. 

Samsung Galaxy

Being more recent compared to its opponent, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers more features and a renewed user experience with its new Wear OS operating system.

First, we will show you a table where you can see the specifications of each of them, then we will tell you more about it.

Samsung Galaxy smart watches


Samsung Galaxy Active 2Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
● 1.2″ SUPER AMOLED touch screen.Suitable for downloading applications.● Call management.● Audio playback.● Resistant up to 50 m underwater.With integrated GPS.● 3-day battery life.Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.● 4 GB internal memory capacity.● Sensors included: accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, ecg sensor, ambient light sensor, optical ppg heart rate sensor.● Mesh interchangeable for other colors.SUPER AMOLED touch screen.Suitable for downloading applications.Call management.Plays audio and video.Resistant up to 50 m underwater.With integrated GPS.Battery life of 40 hours.Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.16 GB internal memory capacity.Sensors included: accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, ecg sensor, ambient light sensor, geomagnetic sensor, optical ppg heart rate sensor, bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor.Mesh interchangeable for other colors.


In terms of hardware or physical structure the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the champion of this comparison. The Galaxy Watch 4, in its two versions, has an Exynos W920 processor, which undoubtedly beats the dual-core Exynos 9110 of the Galaxy Watch Active 2. 

Regarding RAM they have the same, 1.5 GB, but for storage the Galaxy Active 2 has 4 GB while its opponent, the Watch 4 has 16 GB. The battery of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a little bigger in its 44 mm version, it is 361 mAh. In the smaller model it is the same as the Galaxy Active 2.  

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The screen has a higher resolution in the Galaxy Watch 4, being 450 x 450 with a size of 1.36″ in the larger model, and 396 x 396 and 1.19″ in the smaller version. That of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a 360 x 360 display in its two presentations. This results in the resolution and pixel density being noticeably higher on the Galaxy Watch 4.

Both Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Active2 are compatible with a 20mm watch bands, so any straps look cool on Galaxy watch4 would be able to used on Active2. Like the sporty nylon straps in the main photo, I fould it look both very cool on this two watches. Click SAMSUNG GALAXY ACTIVE2 WATCH BANDS if you like that too.

The Galaxy Watch 4 also has a new BioActive sensor that is three-in-one, measuring heart rate, bioelectrical impedance and ECG.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 combines the typical Samsung operating system, the Tizen, but also gives the possibility to use Google services with the Google Wear OS system.

Clearly, this possibility gives a renewed and improved user experience. With Google services the Galaxy Watch 4 allows access to the Google Play Store and access to applications for our watch. However, this advantage means that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can only be linked with cell phones that have Google Mobile Services, ie it can not be used with Apple iPhone or Huawei phones. 

In this section, the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is compatible with both Android and iOS, so it can be used with any mobile device we have.

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Which one should I buy?

This question cannot be answered, as this is a personal decision. Choosing a smartwatch is a matter of one’s own taste, where many other numerous factors influence, so we will not always end up buying the one that turns out to be “better” in performance.

It is clear that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, being a newer model than the Samsung Galaxy Active 2, is much better in terms of its hardware and its software has numerous improvements and a great superiority compared to its competitor. But this does not mean that it is a better choice or that the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is not a good watch.

If you’re not a demanding user, require basic features or maybe you’re looking for your first smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 may be for you.

However, if you like to be on the cutting edge and have the latest in technology, you should go for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Having a newer device will give you the latest updates and better support.

We hope this article will help you clear up all your doubts so you can choose your next smartwatch.


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