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The range of Samsung QLED smart TVs of 2019 is being a success. The Korean manufacturer was also able to breastfeed by presenting the first 8K television on the market. In addition, our first impressions with the Samsung QLED Q900 could not have been better. And now, we know that Samsung’s Smart TV division is going to make an impressive leap in quality.

And, several Korean media are claiming that Samsung has decided to significantly reduce the production of LCD panels. In this way, it intends to reduce from 250,000 monthly panels to 90,000 units throughout this month, and reduce up to 30,000 units from next month.

The reason? The next generation of Samsung Smart TV would feature a new Quantum Dot OLED technology. Yes, you read that right: the manufacturer will finally embrace OLED technology in its range of smart TVs. And he wants his Korean factories to start producing them.

Why will Samsung Smart TVs use Quantum Dot OLED technology?

samsung qled smart tv

According to these Korean media, the idea of ​​the manufacturer is to maintain the production of LCD screens in its factories in China, while the South Korean plants are beginning to stock up on the components necessary to manufacture OLED panels. It should be remembered that, until 2018, LG had the patent to use WRGB technology, a system with a colour range greater than RGB. For this reason, Samsung had to maintain the QLED technology of its screens.

But, last year the patent was finalized, which is why the Seoul-based firm began preparing for the big jump. It should be remembered that the Korean giant already manufactures OLED panels for its mobile devices, so it has enough technology to be able to do the same with Samsung Smart TV screens.

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Of course, the manufacturer has wanted to take a new twist, offering a solution that would surpass LG, its great rival in the Smart TV OLED sector. For this, it is working on a hybrid screen, which will have the benefits of Quantum Dot panels, in addition to the OLED.

Even Samsung Display CEO Lee Dong-hoon has confirmed that they are working to launch a QD OLED screen. In this way, it would combine the advantages of both technologies to make a new leap in quality.

While the microLED waits, the QD OLED screens will be the future

samsung qled smart tv

Keep in mind that microLED technology will be the future of the Samsung Smart TV sector. It is a fact, that solutions such as the Samsung The Wall point very high. But, today these types of panels are too expensive to build. Yes, its technology is impressive, but there are a few years left until we see viable consumer solutions for the average user.

In this way, while developing methods to make microLED technology cheaper when producing it on a large scale, the future is about improving OLED technology. And the idea of ​​having such a panel with quantum dot technology is really interesting. The idea of ​​this next generation of Samsung Smart TV is to have Quantum Dots OLED panels, it will have a system so that the colour is not generated after an RGB filter when the white light passes. By betting on quantum dots to filter the light, the high image quality will be achieved.

No, in the next edition of the IFA 2019, which will be held during the second week of September in the city of Berlin, we will not see this new generation of smart TVs. But, it is very likely that next year we will see the first Samsung QD OLED Smart TV.

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