Cold Calling Hacks for Sales Success in 2021

As a marketer, you may have already heard that cold calling is an ineffective strategy. However, cold calling is still effective as ever, and with the right methods, it can easily beat its digital alternatives, such as SEO marketing. If you are tired of getting hang-ups before you finish introductions, this article is for you. We have listed the following tested and proven cold calling sales hacks for 2021.

1. Embrace hang-ups

Cold calling isn’t a game for the faint of heart. Generally, marketing is a game of probability, and no one ever closes 100% of the prospects. Rejection is part of the game, and you should get used to it. Unfortunately, rejection, if not checked, can drastically affect your work. If that is the case, you can overcome the fear of rejection by setting up mock calls with a colleague and let them say no to you. Additionally, learn to ask ‘why not?’ whenever a client says no for your edification.

2. Utilize the power of technology

Are you making full use of all the tools that are available to you? Digital cold calling tools are available today, and you can use them to generate a sales call report, schedule calls with prospects, record analyses, and share these calls with colleagues. These tools come with features such as messaging, emailing, and social media channels.

3. Take time to learn

Cold calling is an art that takes time to perfect. After making dozens of sales approaches each day, you are likely to experience some frustration. The trick is to focus on mastering the process as each rejected call offers a different learning experience. Analyze your sales calls, revise your script and record your takeaway points from each conversation.

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4. Find your cold calling script

Any successful cold calling marketer has a script that they adhere to. However, knowing how to use your script efficiently is a whole other area of expertise. It would help if you revamped your script with every call until you get a final copy that works for you. Additionally, you can have several scripts for different classes of prospects. Make sure to be client-specific.

5. Know when to call

Calling clients at the wrong time is a waste of time. Try making phone calls at the start of the week and avoid calls past Friday evening when prospects are set to start their weekends. Your calls should concentrate in the middle of the week and should only be done during office hours. For early morning calls, keep them within the 7:00 am and 9:30 am window, while the afternoon window ranges between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

6. Make follow-ups

Remember to schedule follow-up calls when speaking to a promising client. These follow-up calls are your only chance of sealing a deal by delivering the final marketing lines to your prospects. Additionally, clients are likely to be more committed to a follow-up conversation as they promised to have a call. 


Cold calling still sells in a digitally oriented world. The method effectively delivers a personalized marketing experience to different clients and is efficient when selling valuable products or services. 


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