Can you really trust new online casinos to be safe?

The online casinos market in India has long been on an upward trend, especially since the pandemic sequestered us all in our homes for seemingly unending months. People bored out of their minds and with limited human interaction turned promptly to online gambling. 

And for those who like it recreationally, online gambling became an anchor to the outside world – especially the kind with live dealers. 

The ever-increasing popularity of online gambling meant one thing – that a lot more new online casino sites popped up in all markets. Even in India – where online gambling is majorly unregulated by the government (and frowned upon by society), the number of new gambling sites to have launched since 2020 is in double digits. 

The two main factors that make online casinos okay to operate in India are – 1. They should be owned and operated by an offshore company with proper licenses and 2. They should accept payments in INR. 

That’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it? On paper, yes that’s all that is required of a legit online casino to operate in India. But when it comes to practical use, there are a lot of other things that come into play for a gambling site to be considered “legitimate”. 

Here, we’ll try to answer the all-important question – are new online casinos safe and trustworthy?

While we understand the charm and pull of new online casinos – they are fresh and offer a range of new promotions – it is also true that you need to be wary of shady sites that are out to con people. 

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Some casino sites really give the whole industry a bad name. But in actuality, there are only a few bad apples. Most newly launched casinos are great sites that are safe, secure, and trustworthy. They never try to make money through shady, underhanded ways because they want to build goodwill and a solid reputation. 

But there are always sites you need to watch out for. Some online casinos are not safe or secure enough to add your personal information or banking details. Some cannot be trusted to release your money in a timely manner. And some just exist so that they can get crucial information from your phone when you download their application. 

Now, sites like these are very rare but they do exist. And newly launched online casinos are mainly the ones that are like the sites described above. Already existing casinos that have been in business for a few years tend to be well-established and have already garnered tons of trust and goodwill. 

But how do you sort the shady casino sites from a whole batch of recently launched gambling sites? You don’t do it yourself. You depend on reviewer sites like to test and review new online casinos because they do it quite thoroughly and only recommend sites that are good to use. 

MOC India’s list of new online casinos is well-researched, properly wetted, and only consists of safe and trustworthy sites that are completely legitimate. 

Here are the factors that they judge online casinos on:

  • Proper license – The gambling site should be licensed in another country and properly regulated by a government agency.
  • Game variety and quality – Larger variety of good quality casino games is favourable.
  • Customer Support – Getting help from the customer support should be a seamless process.
  • Bonuses offered – All promotions offered by the newly launched casinos are rated.
  • Payment methods available – The more the better. Legit casino sites that are recently launched should have plenty of popular payment methods available.
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The thing is – there’s no easy way for the general public to distinguish between legit and shady online casinos. You should depend on the professionals and read detailed reviews, so that you don’t fall victim to one of the bad online casinos that may have recently launched in the Indian market. 

With proper prior research and a bit of caution, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the fresh benefits of a new online casino. As long as you play recreationally, that is. 


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