Upgrading Your Online Store With Shopify Plus

When it comes to plug-and-play e-commerce platforms that come ready for enterprise operations, Shopify Plus is the go-to brand. The feature set is meticulously crafted to fully engage and serve your customer’s order, step by step. Let’s take a look at exactly what you get with a Shopify Plus for enterprise eCommerce package and how you can migrate to Shopify today if you choose.

Shopify Plus Benefits: What You Get with Shopify Plus

If you are conducting business at the enterprise level, Shopify Plus is a must-have. Below are the major benefits you get with Shopify Plus that you don’t get with lower-tier service packages.

Custom Checkout Page

A custom checkout page gives your customer the security of a branded experience from start to finish instead of “showing the wires,” as they say. You can also reorganize certain elements to fit your brand or the wishes of your customers. Many customers use this feature to A/B test experimental designs to let customers decide which format/color scheme works for them.


With Launchpad, you can automate many of your processes on the front end, including branding campaigns and, of course, launches of your new products. If you want to showcase specific products for a seasonal sale, for instance, you can choose them a la carte. You can also discount specific items very easily if you want to campaign that item as a loss leader.

Script Editor Access

The Script Editor gives your company the ability to create personalized customer experiences within customized scripts. Basically, you get Shopify plus development features that you don’t even need any third-party apps to implement.

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If you are looking to create custom features that don’t normally come with Shopify and usually rely on third-party apps, the Script Editor is what you are looking for. Even if you don’t know the code, you can hire an expert for a one-time upgrade that your customers will be able to use for life.

Higher API Call Limits

Shopify Plus development services include more access to APIs, which keeps you from overpaying as you scale. Combined with the Script Editor, you can streamline your online store to its optimal level.

Mobile Store Builder

You get your own Shopify store development company with the Mobile Store Builder. With more people than ever using their phones to conduct everyday commerce, you will have a huge advantage here with stores that are made specifically for the medium.

Access to Shopify Flow

If you are losing time to repetitive tasks, then Shopify Flow is your answer. You can set up workflows from templates that come with the package or create your own without the need to add a Shopify expert cost to your expense list.

Page Activity

You gain access to more in-depth page activity stats, which can help you target your marketing campaigns precisely. You can also reward your best customers and create customized campaigns, all of which are much more difficult without the Plus package.

Store Cloning

Being able to easily clone your offerings anywhere is a boon on time to market. You can easily manage all of your clones from a single back-end admin space, so you won’t need to expand manpower as you expand your storefronts.

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When should you upgrade to Shopify Plus?

Most companies agree that the Shopify migration to the Plus system should be done as soon as possible. The cost is not totally negligible, but the benefits pay for themselves within the first few transactions.

How much does Shopify Plus cost? Shopify Plus currently costs $2000 per month.

Are Shopify Plus Benefits Worth the Cost? Because you get Shopify plus B2B benefits, most users think that you must have Plus in order to do business on an enterprise level. If you are already making over $1 million per month in revenue, Shopify Plus can probably help you increase that substantially. You gain an unlimited number of staff accounts so you will never have to worry about your company outgrowing the platform.

If you are looking to expand internationally, Shopify Plus can help you immensely. Cloning stores with different languages and currencies to match the needs of your growing community is just one of the ways to easily and quickly expand into markets that would otherwise take months to conquer.

Shopify Plus also gives you the ability to focus all of your creative talent on the expansion of your business rather than repetitive tasks that should have been automated from the start. Flow and Launchpad will drastically reduce your time to market by taking care of the rote backend tasks while you engage with your customers and fix the little fires that inevitably show themselves when you are trying to create a superior experience. 

Shopify Plus also has a wholesale channel that allows your business to target B2B clients specifically. The platform allows you to easily integrate 3PL and any other add ons that you need in order to serve this audience at scale.

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Also, the customization is worth the cost of upgrading by itself. Customers will always appreciate a consistent brand — it helps you to present your business in the most professional way, and it keeps your customers loyal because you have that many more opportunities to present your logos and upsells. You will even be able to change the type of shipping methods and payment options that you present to your customers, giving you control over the way you are presented at all points during the fulfillment of the order.

How to upgrade to Shopify Plus?

If you are looking for better customer engagement, better time to market, lower shop fees, and incredible customer service, then Shopify Plus is your choice. Upgrade today to experience the best in an online store platform! Shopify experts at Spiral Scout, a US-based software development company, are always ready to upgrade your online store with Shopify Plus.


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