Top 5 trends of betting in 2022

Sports betting is on the rise everywhere in the world and the fact that technology and the internet are dominating the industry only means that the market is dynamic and constantly changing. As digital systems constitute the fundamental infrastructure and the basis upon which sports betting is now built – with online wagering being the ultimate driver of growth – every place in the world can potentially be a place for betting. Bookmakers are establishing their betting sites, everywhere where online gambling is legal and they leverage the market growth.   

In a highly competitive marketplace, the best online sportsbooks, found at BettingBalngadeshOnline, need to align to the shifts in demands, changes in customers’ requirements and the overall betting trends. Here, we present the five biggest trends of betting in 2022.

1. In play betting and microbetting

It seems that all the excitement now comes from betting on live sporting events. Punters want to engage with the games they are watching and what is more engaging than being able to bet while the match is still in progress. In play betting is becoming a key trend in sports betting and it is expected to become even bigger in the years to come. Besides that, micro-betting is also preferred by punters as it makes much more sense in live betting to get instant gratification from wagering on something at the moment without waiting for the entire game to end.

2. Betting on esports

This is not a surprise. It is a trend that became a hype during the covid19 pandemic and the thing is that it continues to grow. More and more bettors are beginning to pay attention to esports and the attractive betting markets that they have to offer. And more and more punters are actually placing wagers on esports – in 2021 esports betting was a nearly $1billion market, while by the end of 2020 it is expected to grow at $1.8billion. Esports betting is no longer a niche, but a mainstream betting market.

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3. Social betting

As younger bettors come into the market, they increasingly contribute to the growth of what is known as social betting. Being raised in the era of social media platforms, being accustomed to any peer-to-peer exchanges, such bettors are bringing this trend to the spotlight. Now, punters share their bets, their opinions, their forecasts and predictions, talk about their wagers in online communities or with friends and other users and they eventually create a new dynamic in the market.

4. Wearable devices

We’ve gone from desktops to mobile devices, to smartphones and now we are at wearables. Smartwatches have evolved so much that people can perform a number of actions through them – accept calls, make calls, exchange messages, play games etc. Of course, the online betting industry would not miss such an opportunity and although still in infancy, with only a handful of companies providing gambling apps compatible with wearables, the days when people will be able to place all bets from their smartphones are not far away.

5. Crypto gambling

Trends of betting

Betting with cryptocurrencies is a trend that is going to stay with us for a long, long time. Punters and online sportsbooks are beginning to embrace bitcoins in betting transactions, making crypto-gambling one of the basic industry drivers.


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