A look at security issues on the internet

The Internet is now a part of everyday life and it has changed the way we live, the way learned and it has given us new opportunities we could have never imagined. The Internet has also brought with it its share of problems. Cyber attacks are more common than ever before and the Internet has given us the opportunity to be abused in a new way. This blog will look at some of the security issues that still lead to concern for businesses and individuals on the Internet.

Cybercriminals are becoming savvier and savvier about ways to break into businesses. There are many tools available to help customers secure their sites against these cyber attacks but businesses are lagging behind. The internet may be a wonderful tool for communication but it comes with its own issues. In fact, the foundation of the internet is secure. Without security; the internet won’t exist. It’s therefore important that we understand the different parts of internet security and how they affect us.

Internet security

Difference between Computer and Internet Security?

Computer security is the protection of computers and their software from damage, unauthorized access, or unauthorised use. The field covers all measures that can be taken to protect computers and their data from any potential harm or loss. In computer security, the primary objective is to keep the computer working. This entails preventing attacks that are targeted against the computer and the protection.

Internet security is a system that protects your personal computer from unauthorized access and malicious software, also known as malware. It keeps all the information you save on your computer safe and secure, such as bank account details, passwords to websites and more. The Internet security package comes with unlimited virus scans and protection from identity theft. There are also identity theft protection services that are securing your online accounts and can be shared between family members.

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Protect Yourself From Internet Security Theft

 VPN Unlimited is the first Personal VPN that protects you from eavesdroppers, hackers, and data-snooping targeted by your ISP or any other organization in the world. an instantly encrypts all your Internet traffic between devices, protecting every digital communication through military-grade encryption.

It is an innovative and secure password manager with a single purpose – to help you protect yourself from Internet security theft. It works as a vault that stores your passwords, credit card information and other sensitive data securely in the cloud. So, if you lose your device or get hacked, it’s not a big deal anymore. Your private information will stay protected.

VPN Unlimited is an unlimited, secure and fast VPN service. It protects your privacy from hackers and spies when you are surfing the web on public networks. The VPN servers are all over the world, which gives you a chance to unblock any restricted websurfing site wherever you are.

It has good speed, it works in any situation and for most platforms. You can use it to protect your privacy and improve the connection speed of your devices. VPN Unlimited app is using OpenVPN protocol. This protocol is the most secure and reliable protocol and it’s also used by many large corporations to connect their networks and users securely. VPN Unlimited uses AES-256 encryption, which is one of the strongest encryption algorithms available and is used by banks and governments around the world to encrypt their data.


Hacker is a crime thriller that revolves around two hackers who are on a mission to unveil the truth behind a massive conspiracy threatening the fabric of our society. Hacker is a stealthy and intelligent tool designed to aid security professionals in performing penetration tests of their systems.

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Phishing is a type of scam where someone tries to obtain sensitive information from you by pretending to be a legitimate company. The scammer sends an email that appears to come from a known and trusted source, such as your bank, credit card company, telephone or cable provider. When a scammer sends emails or sets up websites to look like an official source, they’re using pishing. Scammers use phishing to steal your money or identity. They can also use it to hijack your computer and use it to attack others.

Computer Virus

A computer virus that infects executable files. Once activated, it will infect the master boot record and then spread to every other file on the computer. It is capable of editing system files and hijacking running processes. When this infected program is executed or downloaded, the virus replicates and spreads to other systems. Computer viruses can infect your computer, smartphone or other devices. Most viruses spread by themselves from one device to another over a network, while others require you to open an infected email attachment or click on a link in order to install the virus on your device.

Trojan horse

Trojan horse is a type of malware that looks like normal software but it can harm your computer. It is named Trojan horse because it looks harmless and enticing, but when you install it, you allow the malware to enter your computer. Trojan horses can be used to steal sensitive information or damage files. They can cause your computer to slow down or crash, and can even give an attacker access to your network. Protect yourself from these security threats by installing a quality antivirus suite.

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Spyware is a type of malicious software (malware) that can be installed on your computer without your knowledge. It secretly monitors your online behaviour to gain access to sensitive information such as bank details and passwords.. It can be used for good purposes like checking the identity of employees on company computers, or it can be used to steal personal financial information.


Malware is a type of software that is designed in such a way so as to mess with your computer. Malware can disrupt your computer’s functionality or cause it to crash. It can be installed accidentally when you download and install another program –with the end result being that malware gets onto your system without you knowing it. The most common form of malware consists of a virus, which spreads via the Internet or another computer network.


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