What are the top emerging marketing trends in mobile marketing?

With more than 3.5 billion global smartphone users, mobile marketing has become the backbone of the marketing strategy. It provides you with easy access to audiences around the world. It is one of the fastest ways to reach the audience.

Moreover, the amalgamation of Mobile and Push notifications in the form of Android push notification and iOS push notifications are setting new benchmarks.

This is the reason why more focus is laid on emerging marketing trends, in the field of mobile marketing. This is the area where sound knowledge means sound marketing. It ultimately leads to the global business recognition.

1. Automated push notifications: To help you more with this, let us go through the top emerging marketing trends in mobile marketing.

Automation provides you with the ability to free yourself. It provides you relief from all the hard efforts that are required to engage your customers. The most prominent example of automation is Push Notifications. Push notifications in the form of Android push notifications and iOS push notifications are effective in engaging your customers.

They are considered as one of the top marketing techniques to attract the audience. They can also be used to send automated notifications regarding new offers and deals

Moreover, they can be segmented and personalized as per need. This means the probability of the audience to show their presence on your platform increases further. This increases the chances of mass sales on your platform.

automated push notifications
  1. Social media: There was a time when SMSs were the main source of communication. But with the advent of technology, MMS and social media platforms came into existence. With time, social media platforms so evolved that they become the prime source of communication and entertainment.
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According to the “Digital 2020 Global digital overview” currently there are more than 3.8 billion global active social media users. This means social media not only remains a source of communication and entertainment but has evolved as a digital marketing platform. This is the reason why more emphasis is laid on social media advertising. It provides you the ability to attract customers from all around the world.

social media marketing
  1. Video ads: These days most of the audience are spending time on their smartphones, watching videos. This provides advertisers with a huge opportunity to use video ads on several platforms. For example, big platforms like Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc provide you with one of the best opportunities to post video ads.

There are also some apps that provide free service after viewing video ads. Some simple examples of the same are,

  • Free premium themes are available for downloading after watching a complete video ad on Xiaomi and other smartphones.
  • Some points are credited to customer’s accounts after viewing video ads on various eCommerce stores. 

The facility of video ads is also available on Google.

video ads
  1. Visual and voice search: What will be the scenario, when the audience points the camera at some object, and it will be associated with Google search. Or when the audience uses their voice for search purposes.

Yes, we are talking about the Google lens. Google lens is an image recognition technology that is developed by Google. It is specifically designed to bring up relevant information related to the object. It performs identification using visual analysis. This is completely based on the neural network.

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Voice recognition is also one of the emerging trends that give users freedom from typing long texts. This technology recognizes the speech and provides a user with relevant search results. 

visual search
  1. Augmented Reality: When it comes to effective advertising Augmented Reality (AR) can’t be ignored. Even some of the big brands like Google and Apple are putting hard efforts on the implementation of AR. The demo of the iPhone X was itself a proof of AR in 2019. Moreover, the arrival of ARKit 2 by Apple makes it all clear.

The experience of 360 degrees was strong enough to attract an audience on a mass level. AR actually works by overlaying objects on the top of the real-world environments by using the phone’s camera.  Thus it provides real-life experience.

augmented reality

Conclusion: When we talk about top emerging marketing trends in mobile marketing, the fact can’t be ignored that this is a digital era. This is an era of technology. It means more the technology and more usage of digital platforms will lead to more effective marketing. It will provide you with a key to a stable business. It will help you to expand your business on a global level.


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