CBD Oil For Dogs And Other Uses

When it comes to medicines, certain plants have always dominated the conversation. For example, there are plants like ginger and garlic that have been a staple in the culinary and medical world. Others like chamomile have been relegated to the teas, along with the tea plant itself. There are also fruits like mangosteen and acai berry that have been labeled as wonder fruits due to their inherent nutrients, as this article tells us. However, some plants have gained a negative reputation either due to their use or abuse by other people.

Cannabis is one of the main examples of this phenomenon, and it has been going on for a long time. You may have already seen all of the talk surrounding it. There are always three sides: one that advocates for it, one that wants it banned, while others do not care. It is a complex situation since there is still a lot of division when it comes to this particular plant. Some people believe that it is dangerous, while others want to see if it does have the potential to become a medical wonder.

The History Behind The Controversy

Its history has been quite long, given that it has existed since ancient times. Chinese and Indian medicine has been using it as a way to treat various respiratory problems. There were also some religions and cultures that used it for their ceremonies. In the 1900s, though, the tune became different when it came to this plant’s reputation. It has become one of the icons of the prohibition era, with the effects of the time still lingering to this day. 

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However, the modern movement of reintroducing it to the world as a legal substance has been successful so far in the West. Here in the US, many states have already accepted a form of cannabis as a part of their medical needs. Other areas recreationally legalized its use, creating more options for people to enjoy its effects. Most of these advancements, though, are due to the introduction of a plant that is in the same family as cannabis: hemp.

Hemp is also known as medical marijuana due to its chemical composition. Cannabidiol is also found in cannabis, but its concentration is far greater in hemp. It is the compound that makes it medical, and humans are now enjoying its benefits while still researching its true potential. Meanwhile, CBD oil for dogs proves other species can benefit from this substance. They might not have the same digestive system as ours, but they can still benefit from a healthy dose of CBD oil.

Here’s How It Helps

Cbd oil
  1. It Is Great For Pain Relief 

In humans, most people use it to conquer pain while still enjoying the relaxing aftereffect. It is something that works with dogs as well, as studies are saying that it can affect their perception of pain. Others suggest that its calming sensation lets the animal rest without feeling the agony. It may take some time before you can see the effects, it does work for most breeds. You need to know, though, what is the right dose for your doggy before committing to it. 

  1. It Keeps Them Active
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Some strains do the exact opposite; it keeps them even more active. You may be already aware of some of these products, as they are now being introduced in the pet care market. There are times when our dogs are rather lethargic and do not want to move. It is either because of pain or behavioral issues, which is unavoidable for some breeds. Aside from training, CBD can help them regain their focus and would also assist you in their training. 

  1. It Also Helps With Other Diseases

Aside from the edible products, other CBD products can be used outside of the body. Skin problems are some of the most common problems that pet owners face since these animal’s fur can take in almost anything. Some also have rather sensitive skin, which does not work well with commercial dog cleaning products.

Most CBD shampoos, soaps, and lotions for our furry critters are great for sensitive skin since they are made from natural ingredients. CBD oil is also great to rub around affected areas since it has similar effects as some ointments. Make sure that it is not an open wound, though, as that needs a different type of cure. 

  1. It Can Also Act As A Supplement

Another great thing about CBD oil is it is great to be mixed with other supplements. Some studies show that it improves upon common vitamins since it hastens their effect on the body. Your body will also absorb these nutrients more effectively, and they will not go to waste. There are still some studies on it when it comes to animal use, but there are some positive developments that have surfaced. Aside from all of this, cannabis will also calm them down to make it easy to take other meds.

  1. It Is An Easier And More Efficient Way Of Giving Them Medicine 
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You cannot deny that it can be a pain to let dogs drink their meds since they do not usually want it. Some fur parents would result to trickery to just let them take it. However, CBD helps with this by being unnoticeable enough that you can mix it with their food. It is not just effective, but an efficient way of providing their treatment without the various tricks.


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