Spend 50% Less Time Scheduling Your Hourly Employees

Time is money, and it’s also a non-renewable resource. Therefore, you must do your best to protect it. If you are a business owner paying your employees on an hourly basis, you need to invest in a time scheduling app to help you save time.

Whether you run an online business, or you are a company that has both a digital website and a physical store, an employee scheduling app will help you eliminate employee schedule complaints and optimize your workforce.

Let the Employee Scheduling Apps Do The Job

The employee scheduling apps will take the challenges and responsibilities out of your hands and put it into a digital platform that can create, manage, and adapt schedules automatically and under the laid down criteria.

The apps can get integrated into high-tech forecasting tool to predict business volumes depending on historical data, economic changes, and seasonality. This will ensure that the participation of each employee is optimized.

Saves Money and Time

In business terms, money and time are interchangeable. Anything that saves time will also save money. Creating a schedule is a big challenge because it consumes a lot of time. This is because many factors have to be taken into consideration.

Some of these factors include employee skills, employee availability, the tasks to be accomplished, among others. An employee scheduling app can perform this task faster and more accurately compared to a human manager.

Automated work schedules make it easy to alter the programs in case conditions change. When freed from employee scheduling, supervisors and managers can devote more of their time on the core functions of the business.

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Employee scheduling apps Increase Efficiency and Productivity

When you are physically building a work schedule, you’ll often have some extra labor as a precaution against some employees who cannot turn up for work. This may happen when some workers have some emergencies to attend to.

Using an employee scheduling app, you can create additional labor hours accurately based on real models obtained from historical data. This eliminates the guesswork. The app gives an accurate schedule, providing you with an accurate prediction of the amount of labor you need while taking into account the human factor.

Ease Of Access To Information

When you are using an employee scheduling app, you’ll be able to access the information about your employees from your mobile devices. This information will guide you on how you can steer the organization towards profitability.

The app will also help you keep overtime pay within the limits of the budget. This is because the app will enable you to record labor hours with ease. This will, in turn, help you calculate the correct pay for each employee.


With employee scheduling apps, an employee will not have to report to the office first to know what duties they have been assigned and at what times.

The app will notify the employees via their smartphones so they can start preparing early. Once the schedule is created and published, all employees will have access to it instantly. This is helpful because any employee who wants some changes to be made, or who wants to ask for time off, can raise the issues before it is too late.

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Adapts to Emergent changes in shift

When you are using an Excel sheet to schedule work, employees will have to call a supervisor or manager whenever there’s a need to change the work schedule. Also, the supervisors and managers would have to make manual changes on the Excel sheets. This is cumbersome and time-consuming. A scheduling app will enable managers and supervisors to make schedule changes without relying on emails, text messages, or phone calls. 

Procedural Consistency

In most cases, when scheduling your hourly workers, you may forget that some of them had requested time off, or some were supposed to start their leaves. This may cause a lot of confusion when an employee informs you they are on leave while you had slotted some work for them.

Manually scheduling your employees also has some inherent biases. In most cases, you may favor some employees at the expense of the others.

An employee scheduling app eliminates all this confusion and biases. It codifies all requests, be they early in/early out requests, holiday requests, time-off requests, etc, so that there’s no room for forgetting.

A scheduling app also has no biases so that all employees are treated equally. This will boost their morale. Your workers will be happy because there is a consistent procedure that accommodates their personal scheduling needs.

Final Words

If you had never thought about using employee scheduling apps in your business, the above advantages of these apps should persuade you of their benefits to your business. Just remember, there are a lot of good scheduling applications out there and there is sure to be one that is perfect for your business’s needs.

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