Most trusted and reliable app for iPhone mirroring: MirrorGo

iPhones are used by many people these days, and it has become the most popular among youngsters. They love to play games online; however, some gamers want to view the games on larger screen devices, and for this purpose, they require a screen mirroring app. Many applications are available for android mirroring, but there are only a few apps for iPhone mirroring. MirrorGo app is the best app to mirror iPhone to PC without any compatibility issues. We often want to view the files like gallery images, presentations, or videos stored on iPhone on large screen devices. If you have been searching online to know how to mirror iPhone to computer and have not found any relevant results, this blog is made just for you. This blog will explain why MirrorGo is the most reliable and trusted app for iPhone mirroring. 

Why do we need to cast the iPhone screen to the PC?        

We need to cast the screen of iPhone screen on a larger screen in the following situations:-

  • To view iPhones’ images on PC: -Suppose we want to view the images stored on the iPhone’s gallery on pc or desktop we need a screen mirroring app. MirrorGo is the best iPhone screen mirroring app that can be used for viewing the images stored on iPhone on a PC.
  • To Show live gameplays to an audience online: -Online game players might want to record the iPhone screen while playing. That is why they need the iPhone screen recorder app. MirrorGo can efficiently cast the iPhone screen on a larger screen so that the gameplays can be seen to other audiences.
  • To show presentations stored on the phone:-Using the MirrorGo app, we can show presentation files stored on the iPhone to the large-screen device in live conferences or meetings with high-profile clients.
  • View media files on big screens:-In some cases; we need to view the media files of the iPhone to our guests, family members, or clients on a larger screen. MirrorGo app can be used for displaying the media files on large screen devices.
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How to download and install the MirrorGo app on an ios device?

  • Search the application on the app store of iPhone and install the MirrorGo app.
  • After installing the MirrorGo app, we need to connect the large screen device with iPhone using the same Wi-Fi network. Start the screen mirroring to display the iPhone screen on pc or desktop screen.

Features of MirrorGo

  • Control iOS to PC:-MirrorGo app is the best app to control iPhone on pc or computer. We can do everything on iPhone using pc and mouse by screen mirroring option of MirrorGo. We can manage files and do all other activities on an iPhone from pc using the MirrorGo app.
  • • Mirror IOS to PC:-Sometimes, we need to mirror the iPhone screen to pc or laptop screen. In such a situation, MirrorGo can be an ideal choice. It can help in achieving the seamless screen mirroring of iPhone on large screen devices.
  • • Record iPhone on your PC: – Some game players would like to record the gameplay and upload them on their Gaming YouTube channel. MirrorGo app can enable them to record videos of their iPhone screen during the game.
  • • Take a screenshot on the PC:-At times, we need to take the iPhone screen screens and save it on pc or laptop. MirrorGo app can be used for taking a snapshot of the screen of iPhone during screen mirroring session.
  • • Handle mobile notification on PC.-We can handle mobile notification of iPhone during screen mirroring session with MirrorGo.
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What makes MirrorGo an efficient tool for mirroring iPhone to PC?

  • Excellent user interface:-MirrorGo application has an excellent user interface. This makes the app easy to use and operate. The application requires no technical skills to operate various functions for iPhone screen mirroring.
  • The home button is not functioning on iPhone:-If the iPhone’s home button is not working, then we can access the iPhone on a laptop or PC screen using the MirrorGo app.
  • Paid version MirrorGo features:-The application is available for free trial version as well as the paid version. The plans and features can be seen from the official site of wondershare as well.
  • Safe and Secure:-The application is free from viruses or malware. Hence, we can safely install the MirrorGo app on android or apple devices without any virus or malware threat.
  • Device compatibility-The MirrorGo application is compatible with all versions of Apple devices. It can easily be installed on Apple devices without any compatibility issues.

Advantages of using MirrorGo software

  • Control the iPhone screen to the computer:-In case we cannot use iPhone due to a problem with the screen, we can use the screen mirroring feature to operate iPhone on a PC or laptop using the MirrorGo app. This application allows users to control the iPhone screen on a large screen device.
  • Record IOS screen to PC or computer: -At times, we need to record the iPhone screen; for this purpose, we can use the MirrorGo app as it is the best iPhone screen recorder app.
  • Take a screenshot of the iPhone screen to a PC or bigger screen: If we want to take a snapshot of the iPhone screen during the screen mirroring session, we can do so using the MirrorGo app.
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MirrorGo app is the best iPhone mirroring app that can be downloaded from the app store of apple devices. It is also available for Android devices, and users can download this application from the play store. Using this application, we can mirror iPhone to pc or laptop screen easily. This app can also control the iPhone during screen mirroring by handling the iPhone push notification efficiently. The application does not consist of any virus or malware; hence it is safe to download and install it. The application file size of the MirrorGo app is small; hence it consumes less space on the device after installation on apple or android devices.


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