Why Your Business Needs a Noise Level Meter

Businesses today need to factor in so many aspects when running a safe and productive workplace. We have seen with the outbreak of the Covid-19 new requirements emerge surrounding sanitary and social distancing practices. But just as the need for pandemic protections is well-known and put in place across many businesses, other aspects – such as the harm excessive noise can cause – are less obvious. But the harm excessive can cause is immense, and that’s why now is a good time to detail why your business needs a noise level meter.

The Danger of Permanent Hearing Damage

The human body is remarkable for its capacity to recover and repair in so many ways. Unfortunately when it comes to hearing damage, the body is far more vulnerable – and the harm caused by excessive noise can be permanent. The great worry in turn is that noise really does not need to raise to a truly huge level before the risk of permanent hearing damage begins. Experts contend hearing damage starts to occur to the human ear once noise gets above 85 decibels, which is roughly the equivalent level of noise that the sound heavy traffic creates. Though there is no magic cure for hearing loss, many patients find digital hearing aids to improve their quality of life. 

The Damage to Staff and Customers

Businesses who fail to take proper care when it comes to maintaining a safe premises can see widespread issues arise as a result of it. First, there’s the damage to hearing that can occur among staff members. Then there must be consideration of any clients or customers. It’s also necessary to factor in any surrounding businesses or others in the local community. Excessive noise can see a businesses personnel and public reputation suffer, alongside other consequences.

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How a Noise Level Meter Can Help 

A noise level meter can provide live readings of the sound levels being emitted around it. This is important for any business that has concerns about the level of its sound emissions. Furthermore, even if a business does not hold these concerns at the current time it’s still prudent to have a noise level meter on-hand, given the capacity for the environment to change. For example, if construction begins on a nearby site and the noise level being emitted seems excessive, with a noise level meter it shall be possible to confirm it’s too loud, and take steps to address the problem. Without a noise level meter to detect it, there’s the risk staff and customers will be exposed to noise levels that can damage their hearing without warning.


A noise level meter can help a business protect its staff, customers, and reputation. The fact is human beings have a huge vulnerability to hearing damage. It can easily occur, and can be permanent. There’s no choice but for businesses to be proactive when it comes to protecting their people from hearing damage. 

With a noise level meter this can be done simply but effectively. This is a device that is not only useful for monitoring noise inside the workplace but also noise in the surrounding area outside it, to ensure noise emissions from elsewhere do not exceed a safe level. These reasons are just some of the many that show why now is an excellent time for every business to acquire a noise level meter. 


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