Speaky – Instantly Practice Languages With People Around The World

If we look at the most popular language apps speaky), we will find everything: translators that work by voice and with images, dictionaries that tell us how to pronounce a word in the dialect variants of a language, courses that consist of games and activities to spend an afternoon fun while learning something new, and finally, apps that put us in touch with other speakers to improve how we write or speak in a language.

Starting from that to learn something it is convenient to practice it, interesting projects arise like Speaky, a service that puts us in contact with other people to talk and thus exercise other languages.

A smaller world

Available from the Web and with apps for iPhone and Android, Speaky allows you to practice languages ​​through text chats or through audio and/or video conversations. At the time of writing these lines, it is possible to practice English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, The Korean, the Hindi and I better not follow because the list is endless.

Speaky’s operation is similar to instant messaging apps or social networks. That is, create a user profile for others to see and know you better, indicate your native language and the language or languages ​​you want to practice, and go ahead. What’s more, you have the option to specify your level in each language. Expert, advanced, beginner?


And to facilitate the conversation, you have labels with hobbies and tastes to find themes in common with which to break the ice or to talk about something that interests both. It is also possible to indicate our age and attach a photograph, as in any other social network.

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In Speaky you can search by language, filter by native and non-native and browse through the user community until you find the type of user you would like to talk to. As an incentive, the app allows you to exchange files and also has a corrector that will guide you in case you commit any misspelling. In addition, like any social network that boasts, you can make a list of friends.

In short, Speaky’s goal is to combine language learning and practice with something as human as socialization. What better way to meet someone than with the excuse of learning languages. And vice versa, what better way to learn a language or improve it than meeting new people who precisely master that language.

Obviously, learning languages ​​by speaking with people have its advantages and disadvantages, such as copying possible mistakes from the other person or, conversely, speaking as street people do and not as taught in an academy.


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