How Blockchain is set to flip Healthcare communities

The availability of high-quality healthcare research provides medical personnel with a better opportunity to collaborate to prevent diseases, which in turn improves the quality of life for everyone. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many people around the world noticed a difference in response to this disease, as compared to the response to other concerns plaguing the world. 

Several questions arose, including: “Why was it possible for scientists and researchers to create a vaccine in 3 months?” “How did researchers from around the world unite towards a common goal?” or, “what inspired them to race to achieve a goal faster than ever before?”

Researchers believe the answer to this problem is rooted in the national policies and bureaucracy that guard patient healthcare information currently and, as a result, limit the information available for all researchers to study, collate, and share. By supplying a solution that would make this magnitude of data available so researchers could work together for the first time against all the major modern diseases affecting the world today instead of working in isolated pockets. 

The healthcare industry currently faces a wide discrepancy between accessibility and global standards, especially in places where healthcare is less affordable. Consequently, many people avoid healthcare centres altogether due to the cost so they are unable to get the healthcare they need.

A new project to solve these issues will be a big hit but would need a huge amount of data to function. The data is collected through the power of sourced NFTs. In effect, individuals may opt in to provide their anonymous health information, test results, and conditions. 

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The more information users provide, the more rewards they receive. The key is for the data to remain anonymous, receiving only healthcare history and key metrics, so there is no risk of the data being misused. Moving away from this, the importance of trading with the right platform and app, including BitQT app, cannot be stressed enough.

The Future for Healthcare


Unlike most projects, CURE CHAIN is positioned to be a charity.  As a result of the CURE CHAIN treatments and cures will be discovered faster. Similarly, the users who provided those data could be given perpetual royalties as a result of their help. 

It is proposed that CURE could become the currency that can provide access to such discoveries. People in need could exchange or donate CURE to gain access to quality and equitable healthcare no matter where they live.

The team believes that if implemented, it could be one of the greatest equalizers the medical field has ever seen, providing access to health care for everyone on earth and putting an end to current healthcare barriers. The project is growing at a favourable rate, partly due to its authenticity and transparency.

CURE has announced some exciting events to further its growth and popularity. Among the events include wrapping and sponsoring a car for NASCAR’s Daytona 500 next year, onboarding different massive ambassadors and influencers, cryptoExpo in Miami with bus stop ads throughout the city, and an investor trip to Puerto Rico to continue our charity work.

In 45 days, these efforts have seen over $300,000 has been raised for charity, at a 9000% increase with a daily volume of $1 million in mind. 

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Investors who are looking to diversify into the healthcare sector need to make use of this opportunity. They can invest in CURE CHAIN to build other healthcare services to enhance the spread of modern-day medicine.


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