OWASP compliance: How to move ahead

The technology advances day in and out. With the development of smartphones a lot of tasks are made easier for the common man. However, there are ample efforts made by the developers to make this device smart and safe. The OWASP mobile top 10 is one of the parts of modern technology that focuses on providing desired level of security to the mobile apps all over the world. 

The developers can go for multiple apps and develop them as per the needs but it is not possible to go for the same without the help of this technology especially in the field of web app development. The developers use this option more than any other as it has open source and professional guidance can be easily available. It also community driven and hence relevant tools and documents are easily accessible. 

The best use of technology: 

OWASP can be learnt easily if one goes for OWASP Wiki which is considered as the prime source. This is the technology that is used by the top notch experts in this field and the prime reason for the same is the resource availability only. It has been used by creative minds in this field since the development of smatphones which can be considered as a long term now. It also functions as a community where different developers can gain information and knowledge about latest updates in the field. 

It can help them explore various probabilities and vulnerabilities of system access by the hackers and fraudsters. Hence with the help of it one can have effective programming to lower down the risk of getting the app exposed to such people. It doubtlessly helps the makers but at the same time proves highly beneficial to the users also. 

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Why go for the OWASP top 10?

It is a community dedicated to field and development of the professionals. Actions are taken to help the budding professionals to come up with the best information and aid them to develop the apps in a way that can fulfill the purpose. The experts in the field create various strategies and share them with members to have a complete and joint growth of the community. They share top 10 risk factors which can help others to avoid such errors and offer the development of the best apps in the market. Hence it is not useful to the makers but to the community as a whole and the society also. 

The strategy used by the hackers to have the access

Obviously the hackers need to have the password to penetrate the system which they cannot get easily. They create specific strategies that make the system vulnerable and offer the access to the required data by the hackers without the knowledge of the user. Usually they find the loophole in the app or site and try to penetrate a bug with the help of a link, file, image or virus. Hence if the user clicks on any such malicious item he gets exposed to the hackers and they immediately take an undue advantage of the same. They may disguise as a friend or relative also to fool the system and user and gain an access of the system. 

How to protect personal information?

Most of the hackers try to gain access to apps related to finance and health of the users. Hence these types of apps need more security compared to general apps. The developers of such apps need to take extra care while developing such apps and protect the same with some extra layers of security or filter process. Credit card and banking apps are the first target of such hackers and hence the developers have to show utmost care while developing them. Access to one’s banking or personal information can lead to various frauds and illegal activities which may be highly detrimental to users.

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In case of a healthcare app or site also one needs to be highly careful as it may contain particular information such as one’s social security number, credit or debit card data and even bank account number as well as pin number. In past many organizations have faced serious consequences of data leak and therefore at different stages of development of site or app one has to be highly cautious. 

The permission and authentication:

For the use of apps one needs to grant it various permissions and authenticate the use also. These stages are provided relevant information by OWASP. Hence in the use of the app and site also it plays a vital role. If the app does not have enough permissions or authentications at different stages it may become difficult for the hackers also to reach to specific information. Hence it can act as a separate layer of safety for the app as well as users. 

Go for trustworthy parts and support systems: 

For development of any app, one has to use various parts and support systems which are made by different makers. One needs to choose the best and most trusted components which can offer required support without any safety issues. In case of any part with trouble it may be dangerous for the use as it can lead to data leak without a single symptom of the same. In case of substandard components it becomes easy for the hackers to override the system and fail the authentication also. 

Go for simple techniques: 

There are a few techniques which are considered as obsolete but they offer complete safety to the app. As a developer it can be easy for you to go for complex systems but they may not be that much safe for the ultimate users and hence it is better to go for the same old techniques rather trying the new one which are not  that much reliable. You must be sure about the source and security layers while going for any of such techniques. 

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These are some of the ways where OWASP proves highly useful to the developers in the market. Due to its utility only it holds the desired level of trust in the community. 


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