A Step-By-Step Guide to Develop Your First Mobile App

If you are new to app development and not have any experience before then you are at right place. This article is a guide for beginners’ who wants to develop an app for the first time. Here is a step by step guidelines for you to make develop your first mobile app.

Make A Mental Picture

Firstly, you have to make a sketch in your mind. Make a mental picture of all the features functions and designing you wanted in your app. Before making any plan for your app, you should identify all the problems that you can have during the development of the application. Think your app as a solution and in how many ways it can benefit your users.

Identify Your Goals

In the second step, you have to make a lot of marketing and business research to identify;

Target audience: You have to be clear about your target audience, so you can make your application more relevant to their interests.

Supported devices: Now you have to define the devices on which your application will be supported, such as whether it is going to be supported just on mobile or other devices.

Revenue model: Decide your revenue model before starting application development. There are many revenue models; the subscription model, in-app purchase model, premium model, advertisement, etc.

Start with Graphic Designing

After you have clear goals and mental picture of the application, start making the graphic design of your app. Pay more attention to your UI design to make your application more user-friendly. You can also include multi-touch gestures in your application for touch-enabled devices.

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 The design of the application should be responsive and user-friendly to improve the SEO of your mobile app.

Native, Web or Hybrid?

There are many approaches you can use to develop an app such as Native, Web or Hybrid.

  • Native apps deliver the best user experience but need substantial skill and time to develop.
  • Web apps are cheap and quick ones to develop and they can also function on many platforms.
  • Hybrid approach gathers the pre-built native containers with on-the-fly coding to get the best results.
develop your first mobile app

Develop A Prototype

Once you have identified the approach, you would use to make the app, the next step is to develop a prototype. Developing a prototype makes your idea easier to sell to the potential customers who can view the perceptible benefits rather than just reading the product description. While developing the prototype of the app, make sure you take some effective measures to protect your application against unauthorized access to information.

Integrate Analytics Tool

The use of analytics would allow you to analysis the number of visitors on your app and how many of them are coming back to you.

 You can use the following analytics for this purpose.

•           Google Analytics

•           Localytics

•           Preemptive

•           Flurry

•           Mixpanel

With the help of data sciences, with predictive analytics in mobile applications, develop your first mobile app that can be highly marketable.

Beta-Testers Feedback

Beta testing is said to be the first chance to get some productive feedback about your newly made mobile application from target users. It is especially important as it enhances your visibility in the app store. It not only decreases the risk of the product but also helps you to improve your concern in the demands and interests of the users and if they have any complaints regarding your app, you can also resolve it as early as possible.

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Beta testing would also help you to identify your target audience, who liked your application the most.

Release the App

 To release your mobile, you need a solid plan, timetable and control of the movement of the release to test the environments. The major Deployment Management goals are to guarantee the live environment integrity, security and that the accurate mechanisms are released. If you look at the current mobile app trend in education industry you will get to do how the app is being released and marketed.

Capture the Metrics

There has been a substantial increase in the users of mobile application in the present era. As an effect, the need to gather precise metrics is very significant. As many of the consumers using mobile apps gradually increase, the need to gather correct metrics is also becoming very important. Several methods used to measure apps get from web analytics.

Upgrade Your App

After metrics capturing, it is becoming very important to upgrade your mobile application with innovative and improvements features. If your app has no innovative features, it will lose its credibility in the long run.  For the up-gradation of the app with innovative features improves its discernibility with downloads. You should keep updating your mobile application to meet new rules by the many platforms, to prevent your app to stagnate.

The guidelines shared with you in this article would help you in the development of your mobile application. I hope this information would help you to develop your first mobile app without any trouble.

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