Five Best Cryptocurrency Accessories for Secure Transactions 

If you have just started investing in cryptocurrency, or are an experienced investor, you are probably interested in ways to keep your holdings safe. This is something you want to do with any investment, but digital assets provide a different set of challenges compared to storing cash or cold. 

The way you are storing crypto currently may feel safe for you, but it’s not safe enough. There is an entire army of hackers around the globe looking for ways to hack into people’s online digital wallets to steal their digital currency. There are numerous stories of people getting massive amounts of crypto stolen while they sleep, only to wake up in the morning to check their account and see it’s all gone. 

If you aren’t interested in products you can use to protect your investment, you should be. There are plenty of cryptocurrency accessories out there you can use to help you with this. The following are five of the best cryptocurrency accessories to make your transactions as secure as possible. 

Cryptocurrency accessories

1. Ledger NanoX Bluetooth Wallet – This is one of the most simple devices in this category. It looks like a small external hard drive, but can also connect to your computer via Bluetooth. It’s a great way to take your crypto holdings offline, so no one can access them by hacking your account. This is an affordable and effective starter product that is great even for those with small holdings in crypto. 

2. Stronghold – Hold is a term coined from the internet that means “hold”. This device that uses that phrase will let you just do that by storing all of your passwords offline, so you can access your accounts no matter where you are. There are over 300 letter tiles where you can store your passwords, preventing anyone but you from getting into your crypto accounts. 

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3. KeepKey Bitcoin Wallet – The KeepKey Bitcoin Wallet is great because of the digital display that displays the transaction for the user. This means you don’t have to have it connected to a computer to interface with it. The wallet is also a great place to store your keys and holdings. There is even a confirmation button on the actual wallet, so you can manually approve transactions without having to use another device. 

4. OPOLO High-Security Wallet – This wallet is the ideal choice for someone who wants safety and portability. It has one of the highest-rated security chips on the market. It’s also very slim and portable, so you can take your crypto with you wherever you go. There is also a clear 3.2-inch touchscreen display that allows you to interface with it.

5. HooFoo Bitcoin Wallet – If the size is your biggest concern, the HooFoo Bitcoin wallet is the perfect choice for you. The coin-sized device has Bluetooth 4.0 capability. It can connect to either your phone or your computer. Included with the device is a wireless charger. 

If you are concerned with protecting your digital assets as effectively as possible, one of these five accessories can be a great asset to you. 


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