What are the Advantages of Tableau?

It is known that Data Visualization is a crucial part of data analysis. If someone is familiar with data analysis then they obviously know about data visualization. It is mainly referred to as the representation of information or data in a chart, graph, or any other visual format. Data visualization is becoming important for every company as they need a visual summary of information that makes it easy to identify trends and patterns rather than looking through several spreadsheets. It gives a clear idea of what the information means by giving it a visual impact via maps and graphs and it makes communicating data insights easier. 

Data visualization is facilitated by the power of the computer that represents one of the most important basic tools of modern data science. It is beneficial for data cleaning, exploring data structure, finding clusters and trends, identifying outliers and unusual groups, evaluating modeling output, spotting local patterns, and presenting results. 

In several business schools, students are taught the importance of data visualization. In fact, candidates are seeking advanced Tableau training in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and other cities to master their skills in the data visualization field. These courses can make candidates capable of doing exploratory data analysis and data mining to check data quality. It also helps analysts become familiar with the features and structures of the data before them. 

This article is going to focus on information about Tableau and the advantages of using it in organizations.

An Introduction to Tableau

Advantages of tableau

Known Features Of Tableau- Tableau is a business intelligence and analytics software that is widely used by several major companies such as Amazon, Unilever, and Experian. It helps people see and understand data. It visualizes, explores, and shares data in the form of Dashboards and workbooks. Tableau is generally known as a visual analytics platform that can transform the way we use data to solve problems. It also can empower organizations and people to make the most of their data. It can create a wide range of different visualizations to effectively present the data and showcase meaningful insights, patterns, and trends. Usually, it comes with tools that allow breaking down data and seeing the impact in a visual format that can be easily understood by people. 

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Unique features of Tableau- Tableau is the world’s leading, most powerful, flexible, secure, end-to-end analytics platform. Several organizations of all sizes are using Tableau to help them become more data-driven. With Tableau one can connect to virtually any data source and can work with any size, shape, and type of data in cloud applications or flat files. It offers great hybrid connectivity support both live analysis and catch data in memory through encrypted extracts. It can automate data prep flows, and help you get to insights and analysis faster. Tableau offers a limitless visual analysis through Tableau Desktop, also known as ‘the gold standard. It helps in exploring unlimited data through an intuitive interface, creativity, curiosity, and data-driven decision-making. So Tableau can serve various functionalities with its advanced products such as Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Public, Tableau Reader, etc. 

Advantages of Using Tableau

Being the world’s leading and widely used analytics platform, Tableau has been giving several advantages to all sizes of organizations. Some of the top advantages are mentioned below.

  • Easy To Use- Tableau software is very easy to use as it is specially designed for people who don’t have coding skills. It is a highly interactive solution for business intelligence. Tableau can make anyone able to understand and visualize data without any previous knowledge or advanced skills in data science. It can be used in reports and presentations as it showcases data and visuals in an effective and presentable way. 
  • Effective Visualization Impact- Tableau is an advanced and important feature of data analytics and it can provide great data visualization at a large scale. Tableau provides an effective visualization impact as it makes it easy to analyze data by using different features such as labels, colors, and shapes and provides a range of visualization for a better understanding of trends and patterns. 
  • Valuable and Meaningful Insights- Tableau can help analysts explore the visualization and look for different insights as it allows the user to analyze data without any goals in mind. With Tableau, one can adjust data hypothetically and can visualize data components dynamically and if combined with real-time data, these abilities increase drastically.
  • Powerful Computation- Powerful computation is possible with Tableau as it can handle a large amount of data. It can handle millions of rows of data easily and different types of visualization can be presented. Tableau offers an option that can help to make ‘live’ connections to different data sources like SQL, etc. 
  • Option For Other Language-  Tableau allows the use of other scripting languages to avoid performance issues and other difficult table calculations. So users can incorporate R or Python. It also supports creating connections with many data sources like SAP, DB technologies, HADOOP, etc. It can improve data analytics quality and enables the building of a unified, informative dashboard. 
  • Responsive Dashboard- Tableau gives Dashboard that has amazing reporting and responsive features, allows you to personalized dashboards specifically for a certain device like a laptop or mobile phone. The main advantage of the tableau is that it can automatically understand which device the user is viewing the report on and make adjustments to ensure that the right report is served to the right device.
  • Large Forum And Community- Because of the advantages of Tableau, the number of its users is increasing rapidly. Business users can gear up their knowledge on reporting and data parsing and can find several meaningful insights in this community. It also offers a great platform to share experiences and settle any user issues. 
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So these are the main advantages of Tableau that make it more useful for users and companies. So, if you want to make a career in data analytics, learn Tableau skills for sure to make your portfolio stronger than others. 


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