How to Select Check Printing Software for Your Business

While checks might seem like an obsolete form of payment for personal accounts, they are a vital part of many businesses. To make sending, receiving, and printing checks easier, many businesses utilize professional check printing software. These software products allow users to track payments, automate or schedule sending, and reduce the risk of a security breach when sending a check through the mail. In many cases, printing and mailing a check may even be the easier way for businesses to fulfill a variety of core processes, including payroll and payment for required goods and services. 

If your business is searching for a new check printing service, or a new platform for online payment processing, there are several things you should consider before selecting a software product. Not every software product can match up to the size or scope of your business, so you’ll need to choose wisely. You’ll also need to make sure that the check printing software you select allows for several users to view business payments and reporting data at the same time so that all of your transactions are completed without a hitch.  

Check printing software

Features to Consider When Selecting a Check Printing Product

Business-grade check printing software typically operates through the private cloud, so you can send and review payments from any networked device. In addition, you may see features such as reporting, task lists, and branded check printing. All of these features can be valuable for your business, but it depends greatly on the size of your business and your primary industry. Here are a few things to consider before selecting a product for your company.

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Integration With Your Brand

The right software product for your company allows you to upload business logos and company accounts information without any security concerns. Logos and trademark visuals can serve as the backdrop or watermark for the check’s physical design, allowing them to offer more professional appeal. The user experience for the actual software should also be customizable for your brand, with features that make it easy to save vendor information in the event that you need to order more product components or general stock. 

Same-Day Printing and Mailing

Many business-grade check printing products guarantee that your checks can be printed and mailed in a single day, as long as you send payment information by 9 or 10 am. Same-day service makes checks a more reliable form of payment for last-minute transactions and lowers the chances of losing a payment in the mail. You should also be able to track your checks as they are sent and received, a feature that offers considerable peace of mind for last-minute transactions and ensures there are no shipping and handling mistakes. If you’re sending multiple checks to the same location, you should also be able to bundle them together in a single shipment. 

Ease of Payment Automation

If you’re searching for a business payment processing or check printing solution, chances are you already have a handful of general transactions that you’d like to automate. Payments to vendors, employees, and contractors that you’re seeing on a regular basis should all be eligible for automated check printing and mailing. If there’s an issue with an automated payment, the software’s service provider will notify you so that mistakes can easily be corrected without financial concern for either the payer or payee. 

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Reporting Features

Business-grade check printing software can offer considerable insight into your cash flow, spending habits, and the overall health of company finances. You can often break down reporting into various payment types, including currently processing payments, reissues or reimbursements, and completed transactions. The software product can also integrate with your business accounts directly to offer insights on accounts receivable and payable. If you have quality financial reporting features rolled into your check printing software product, you’ll be able to make more informed business decisions. 

Address Cleansing

Address cleansing services ensure that all of your checks arrive safely, without wasting any postage or putting your payment information at risk. Many check writing and printing services offer address corrections for both the sender and recipient. However, the best platforms have a support team that can fix these issues for you, particularly if it’s a repeat payment going to a familiar address. Address cleansing services can also be convenient when making any international transactions, ensuring that you don’t have to pay more fees than necessary.  

Reviewing Your Check Printing and Mailing Services Provider

Before you select a check printing software service for your business, you’ll need to take a closer look at the company that’s behind the product you’re about to buy. Switching payment processing platforms can be a hassle, but the right services provider can help make this transition a straightforward and efficient process. 

Security Policies and History

Your check printing and payment processing services provider should have a proven track record of keeping their client’s information safe and secure. The software platform in question should be HIPPA compliant, SOC2 and ISO compliant, and should offer valuable security features for locking down certain parts of the account so they are only accessible to company executives. If you’re at all concerned about the security of the software’s services, you should look for a payment processing solution elsewhere. 

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Support Services and Approachability

The best check printing and mailing service for your business can be so much more than a software product. The best companies for business check printing and mailing offer the full  support of their dedicated, knowledgeable employee base. If you have any concerns about your company’s payments, data security, or general financial information, you should always be able to make the call for personal support without waiting on the phone lines.  


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