The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Influencer

Some things are rocket science, some things are not. Becoming an influencer is somewhere in the middle. You might not need a degree to become a great one, but you need to work at it constantly. This industry can be brutal, it is not for the faint hearted and it is challenging. If you feel like this is something you would like to actively pursue then read on for a guide on how to be the best influencer!

Niche to Meet You

Know what market you want to influence. Choose something you are interested in because you will need to consistently create engaging content on that topic. If you like decorating, then an interior design niche will play directly to your talents and interests. Find your calling and be passionate about it, no one draws a person in more than a passionate and enigmatic star!

Be Likeable

To have any influence over someone they need to like you first. Build your brand around being likeable and relatable, your followers need to feel like they know you. This is the power behind the concept of social proof, which is what brands use and why they pay celebrities to endorse their products. You need to know who you are targeting and what they would like, once you do this well you will build a loyal follower base.

Create Relevance

Post useful and relevant content to your audience, the more you can engage with your audience the more influence you will have over them. Use Video Production Services to create professional and engaging video content for your platform. It is important to maintain variety with your posts but you also need to keep to your core area of expertise.

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Consistency Is Key

Do not leave your followers hanging. If you start posting updates daily and your audience responds well to that, then you need to keep posting daily. Your audience will expect consistency from you. Finalise your posting schedule and decide on your frequency early on. Consider the platform you are using when deciding this as some platforms are more dynamic and require a higher posting frequency. Every platform has its place and deciding which one to choose depends who you are targeting. 

Audience Engagement

Once you start posting on social media, it is important to truly engage with your audience. If they show you a lot of love, then create a post to show your appreciation. You will get comments and reactions on your posts and it is important that you acknowledge these and reply to them. An open dialogue will go a long way in creating and maintaining a loyal follower base.

Be Open to Collaborations

 Be ready to announce yourself to the world! Collaborate with brands once you have achieved influencer status and get paid to do what you love. Add this information, along with your contact information to your bio so that it is easily accessible to potential brands looking to work with you. There are also several influencer platforms where influencers and brands can find each other.


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