Can’t access your iPhone or iPad? Unlock it with AnyUnlock

Creating a hacker-proof password is a difficult step if done well, which means that sometimes it is forgotten and when the last attempt is lost, the computer locks up. Approach a professional iPhone service center in Dubai and solve your phone’s technical issues. If it has happened to you then there is a tool that will help you: AnyUnlock from the software manufacturer iMobie. As we know, this company provides various solutions related to iPhone and iPad but in this article, we will discuss about the unlock feature.

It’s a common situation when you forget your Apple ID or access to iTunes backups, where sometimes not even the brand’s technical support is helpful.

Another scenario where the iMobie AnyUnlock app is very useful is when a smartphone is “inherited” from a relative. Sometimes they give it to us locked and it is necessary to unlock it and you don’t always know how. In this case, three steps solve the problem. No complications and you can use the free version without paying anything, even for the specific function such as bypass iCloud activation lock.

Sometimes, removing Apple ID activation locks is required. Your device may be blocked and only allows the data of the original owner and if he has forgotten the data or you cannot contact him, once the limit is passed the situation will get worse. As a result, you cannot access your account in the iCloud services, the app Store, Apple Music or find your team. You need to do the following steps:

– Run AnyUnlock and you will see several options, one of which is the “Unlock Apple ID” option.
– Use a lightning cable to connect your iPhone / iPad
– Click “unlock” and the process will begin immediately

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Unlock iPhone or ipod

The main features:

1. Bypass iCloud activation lock with AnyUnlock iCloud Activation Unlocker!

Any iCloud activation lock can be bypassed with just a few clicks and you don’t need any ID or password. Once you have passed the activation key, you can freely use Apple’s various features.

2. Find the Apple ID

Forgot Apple ID and can’t get it in any way? With AnyUnlock, one click is enough to get your Apple ID.

3. IDevice verification

This tool is also capable of verifying your device by checking the activation key of the activation and the connection key on the Apple ID. AnyUnlock can also check for some hardware issues like battery health, hardware replacement, etc.

A few things to know:

* Supported Operating Systems and Devices:

The operating systems and devices that support iCloud activation lock bypass:

1. iOS version 12.3 and later but excluding iOS 12.4.5 and 12.4.6.

2. iPhone 5s and later.

3. iPad 4 -7.

4. iPod 7-9.

The operating systems and devices that support iDevice verification:

1. iOS 7 and later.

2. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

* Side effects

By running AnyUnlock you are doing the jailbreaking process. There are several side effects such as:

– You cannot make phone calls with your SIM card.
– You cannot use the SIM card to surf the Internet.
– Facetime and iMessages can no longer be used.
– iTunes can no longer be used.
– There are restrictions in account settings on your new iCloud account.

AnyUnlock may not be used for illegal or commercial purposes. This application is for personal use only.

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* AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker

To use AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker to bypass the iPhone password, just open the app, connect your iPhone / iPad via USB cable and click the “unlock now” feature. By selecting this feature, all data on your iPhone / iPad will be deleted after the unlocking process is complete. If “Find My iPhone / iPad” has been activated, you will need to access your iCloud account to configure the device, which will install the most recent version.

Virtually all are the same steps to remove passwords from the screen and access iTunes backups.

For devices running iOS lower than 13, the contents will remain intact after the Screen Time / restrictions password is removed. If the version is later than iOS 13, the external apps will be lost and the app data will be erased.

It should be noted that the app works on all types of locks used by the user, that is, also in a 4 or 6-digit numeric code, custom numeric code, custom alphanumeric code, Touch ID or Face ID.

That’s not all, another of the functions for which this app is valuable is its function as a master key, since it finds the passwords stored in the iCloud keychain, credit card data and passwords for SNS accounts, Wi-Fi accounts, browsers, applications, email accounts, provided they are kept in the iPhone password manager. If you want advanced features, AnyUnlock allows you to export passwords to your preferred password management applications.


This is the best Apple jailbreaking tool. Any key issues can be resolved and the great thing is, you can use the free version before deciding to switch to the paid version. Just give it a try!

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