Protect your home network: 3 things to remember when entertaining yourself at home during quarantine

Due to this increase, two things have been caused: the proliferation of cyber attacks and the saturation of Internet networks. That is why from home we must be aware of this and take care of our connection, since we depend heavily on it. In this article we will tell you how you can protect Your home network or yourself online from any cyber attack and also how to make better use of the network on a daily basis.

Protect your home network and internet connected devices

The most important thing to keep in mind at the moment is security, since in our devices we handle a lot of sensitive information that we do not want to fall into the wrong hands. From our computer, mobile or tablet we access work, education, online banking , email and many other places where we have important information.

Best Free VPNs

That is why it is vitally important to take care of yourself on the Internet and one of the best ways to do it is by downloading antivirus software. These programs detect any threat that wants to enter your device in time and helps you eliminate it. Thus, you will stay safe when you enter different platforms to see your favorite content or download files.

Another way to keep your devices safe is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network . Use a VPN to protect your home’s IP address from hackers and other malicious cybercriminals, especially at these times when our internet usage has increased significantly.

On the other hand, with a VPN you will be able to access online content from different parts of the world, since it is used to bypass the geographical blocks that certain applications impose. In these confining moments, many people choose this technology to protect their online presence , but also expand their content library and enjoy their subscriptions even more. For more info about VPN like other benefits, check the portal

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Disconnect what you are not using

To improve streaming quality when watching your favorite movie or series, it is recommended to disconnect all devices that are not in use from the Wi-Fi network . Even if they are unused, these devices may have applications running in the background and be consuming your data.

Protect your home network

Make rational use of the network

At these times when we use the network to work, study, communicate and entertain ourselves, it is necessary to make better use of the Internet at home. Experts recommend establishing routines in the use of the network, especially if there are many at home, and download content whenever possible to optimize the connection speed .

To view multimedia content in the best quality, you can download or activate the option to view offline to have all the content you want without spending a lot of data. It is best to download multimedia content or large files in the hours of least traffic, so as not to saturate your connection.

The most important tool during confinement

In this situation that we are experiencing, the Internet has become an essential element of our day to day. For this reason, the best way to optimize its use and take advantage of its benefits must be sought. When we use the network to entertain ourselves, we must ensure that our computers are protected and have the best possible connection to enjoy without interruptions.


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