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7 useful Instagram updates coming in 2020

Attention! We are halfway through the year and that is why we have decided to tell you about the Instagram updates that will arrive for the rest of this 2020. From IGTV ads to monetize content, to product labels within live broadcasts, these new tools are useful both for brand managers and content creators. Get to know them!

Top 7 Instagram Updates in 2020

1. Instagram Shops

Now small businesses can create their own e-commerce within Instagram with “Shops” . The advantage of this update? Create product catalogs that your followers can save, share and buy within the app.

In addition, this benefits the influencer marketing industry , as content creators can tag a brand’s products in their posts and direct their followers directly to buying them. Highly recommended!

2. Advertisements on IGTV

News for content creators? Instagram will now put ads inside IGTV so they can monetize their videos . For now the update can only be used in the United States , however, it is expected that in the coming months it will be available globally.

3. Badges on Instagram Live

Live broadcasts had a 70% increase in their views during this first semester. For this reason, in the coming months Instagram will integrate an option of “Badges” that users can buy and thus highlight our comments during a “Live”.

This update will be available in the United States, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Mexico . If you want to apply to have the “Badge” option during your broadcasts, then fill out this form .

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Instagram updates

4. Instagram Live Shopping

Small businesses, brands and creators will be able to tag products from Facebook or Instagram Shop within their live broadcasts . So is! In this way they will not only be able to tell their followers about the products, but also direct them to the immediate purchase of them.

How to take advantage of live broadcasts? We recommend using them within an influencer marketing strategy.

5. Green screen in Instagram Stories filters

Yes, the green screen effect already has TikTok . However, now Instagram also plans to have this filter so that we can use it in tutorials, demos or any other type of creative content . We recommend adding it to your social media strategy and taking advantage of it with your imagination.

Instagram is testing built-in AR Background Story Effect

It’s like the mac OS/iOS Photo Booth and we get to pick our own backdrop from Camera Roll

6. RA filters for existing photos and videos

Do you love augmented reality (AR) filters on Instagram? The excellent news is that it will no longer be necessary to open the application and apply them on the spot. Now you can take any photo, video or selfie and apply the filter later. Calmly!

Not all effects will have this option, however, Facebook has stated that they are also introducing new tools for filter creators in Spark AR Studio to enable this and more features in their upcoming designs.

7. Instagram Guides

This update is now available for some approved accounts. Instagram Guides are guides made by expert organizations on emotional health issues, and curated by creative influencers , to deal with issues such as anxiety and the current global pandemic . Check them out and inform your audience at all times!

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