How Advanced Property Valuation Technology Helps to Get Best Deal?

Real estate has always been a thriving sector in India. According to India Brand Equity Foundation report, “Real estate attracted around Rs. 43,780 crores (US$ 6.26 billion) in investment in 2019. The retail segment in Indian realty attracted PE (Private Equity) investment of around US$ 1 billion in 2019.” One underrated aspect of this steep rise is tech integration. Today, if you are looking out to buy a property, you do not have to spend countless hours for property valuation or to find the right property.

Technology is driving sophisticated changes across business sectors. Real estate has not remained untouched and today, you can find plenty of tools redefining the existing flow with seamless solutions. Property valuation tool is one such tool that is greatly helping buyers and sellers alike. 

This goes without saying that if you are looking to sell your property, you do not want it to be undervalued, so considering reliable options for cheap conveyancing in Melbourne is essential. But can you blindly trust the property estimation suggested by your local real estate agent? Even as a buyer, it gets somewhat difficult to go by the words of the real estate agents. Hence, you are left consulting with more than a few agents, in the process, wasting time and resources.

Now, if you are wondering what it is all about, read along to know how it works and helps, buyers and sellers, to get the best price.

Key points:

  • How does the property price calculator work?
  • Get top selling price with a property valuation
  • Get the best price with a property valuation
  • Go online to find property valuation within a few seconds
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How does the property price calculator work?

Property valuation tool is based on 21st-century machine learning AI algorithm which generates an unbiased price. It analyses an extensive database of information which includes insights from the estate agents, the value of the previous transactions, and asking prices for the sale of properties in the respective area to generate a price estimation range.

As a user, you must provide general information such as Property type, Location/Area, City, Age, Furnishing, etc. depending upon if you are looking to buy or sell a property. Depending upon is you are a buyer or a seller, you can choose to buy/sell property individually or through an agent.

This advance technology tool is conceptualized to bring an unbiased method to generate a fair market price.

As a seller, get top selling price with a property valuation

You cannot exactly rely on the words of mouth of your local real estate agent. You must be doing your research to get a fair estimate. What better than an unbiased online tool that uses comparative analysis to generate the property valuation estimate. The valuation range is classified according to the condition of the property namely Bad, Fair, Good, V Good, and Excellent. While for a Bad condition property, the tool does not generate any estimation, the rest are all dependent upon the true condition of the property.

Before looking out for potential buyers, you can simply go online to find out the value of the respective property. Make sure that the property you are going to sell is in top condition. While you cannot exactly change the location, area, or size, you can improve the estimated valuation with necessary renovation or a paint job. Also, a premium furnished property has a higher valuation than an unfurnished one. All these factors help you get the optimum selling price.

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As a buyer, get the best price with a property valuation

Buyers are always in a second thought regarding property estimation. So much so that it has become a norm to go to multiple sources to find out the real price. You need not waste hours and days to find the right property within your budget. Simply go online to check property valuation to find out an unbiased estimation.

Next time, when you go out to check out any property to buy, make sure you are aware of its value beforehand with the property valuation tool, and not end up overpaying.

Go online for an unbiased property valuation 

Property valuation tool is one nifty tech innovation that helps you to find out an unbiased property estimation within a few seconds. All you have to have is a smart device with a running data plan and a general idea of what you are looking for.

Irrespective of where you are, you can find out the fair estimate with ease. It is the benefit of sophisticated systems brought to you by the internet that you can access the property valuation of a house in Delhi from any other part of the world. It is easy and convenient and does not require bucket loads of information to be provided. Property valuation tool forms an essential part of your research when you are looking to buy or sell a property. While it has certainly eased off some of the tension associated with buying or selling a property, we can only wait in anticipation of what is going to be the next tech integration in the real estate buying journey.

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