Easy-to-Implement Growth Hacks That Transform Your Small Business Quickly

For your small business to stay relevant in today’s world, it must adapt to changes quickly. Outside influences such as technology and the economy play a role in your success as a business owner and often force your hand when it comes to implementing scalable growth strategies. You want your business to remain relevant years after first launching it, which is why you must maintain a growth mindset throughout your role as leader of your company.

Having strategies in place that allow you to grow your business despite what is going on socially, economically, and technologically provides you with the resources needed to succeed. Implementing easy growth hacks allows you to traverse unchartered territory with less fear and greater certainty. No one knows precisely what the future has in store for their businesses, but they can plan to gradually increase the volume of sales that they get by being forward-thinkers.

The following tips have helped me run a successful freelance writing business. I hope that by sharing what I’ve learned, you’ll be able to create your blueprint for success. Through years of researching resources and through my trial and error process, I’ve found that staying on top of emerging business and technological trends is crucial.

Here are some of the hacks you can benefit from and how they’ll help you adopt a growth mindset quickly.

Demonstrate Value Immediately

A happy customer is worth their weight in gold for your small business, especially if they share positive feedback about your products and services online. By sharing their experiences on your homepage or testimonial page, you’re helping to build trust in your business. People who have yet to experience your high level of customer service will be eager to because of the testimonials and reviews that you’ve added to your site and social media pages. If you selling products online, make sure to use customized shipping labels like the one offered by

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Entrepreneur reports that client lists are a popular way of showing off who you’ve worked with in the past. Call it a resume of sorts. It could be what gets someone to choose your small business over a competitor. Third-party validation can include news articles written about your company, case studies, awards that you’ve received, and recognition that others give to you.

Believe in the Power of Video Content

According to, adding a video to a landing page can help in improving the SEO ranking. Considering the number of pages you’ll be competing with for the top spots in the search engines is vast, you can use all the help that you can get in making your content discoverable. Forrester Research found that one minute of video is worth more than 1.8 million words shared with your intended audience. It’s further proof that evolutionary strategies are needed to stay up-to-date to the changing world of online communications.

Insivia reports that mobile video consumption increases by 100 percent each year. People watch short clips more than they consume full-length films. If you include video content on your website, blog, and social media accounts, you’ll be able to keep your viewers interested for longer periods than if you were to share written content only.

I’ve found that an introductory video increases interest in small businesses by helping a visitor understand your values, mission, and methods of operation. Even if you’re not familiar with videography, you can create your promotional materials using a service such as FilmForth. It’s a straightforward tool that allows you to merge photos and video clips with audio soundtracks to create professional videos for your website.

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Make Your Call-to-Action Strong and Relevant

Engagement with your audience can make or break your business. If it’s mostly positive, you can count on other people being drawn to your brand naturally. A call-to-action that provides a visitor or customer with value is imperative. It’s how you rack up likes, comments, and shares.

By asking your fans and followers to share their thoughts on social media or include your content on their pages and feeds, you increase the reach of the material quickly. Best of all, there is no extra effort on your behalf. Your audience does the work for you, which frees up your time to create even more videos and posts to share.

Assess and Reassess Your Business Climate Regularly for Growth Opportunities

Don’t lose sight of what’s important today by thinking only about the future. You need a rock-solid plan for growth that allows you to work steadily toward your prize—better business opportunities as well as profitability. Taking gradual steps to update your website’s content and to include new testimonials as you receive them helps you remain relevant in the eyes of your visitors and customers long-term. You have access to the tools and strategies needed to celebrate business growth


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