5 Best Security Apps for Android in 2019

Android phones are threatened by all kinds of problems quite frequently. Therefore, it is advisable to maximize precautions. Many users choose to download an antivirus or security apps for android phone, which helps them protect against these threats. The reality is that we have many security applications, which are not antivirus, that is helpful.

Here we are going to talk about some of the best security applications for Android. Thanks to them you will be able to protect your phone from threats, but without using an antivirus. We tell you more about them below.

All the applications we are talking about below are available in the Play Store. So being able to download them to your device is very simple. Each one has different functionality, so it is very likely that there is one that best suits what you are looking for.

Find my device

An application that many will not think about security, but thanks to which we can locate our phone in case of theft or loss. So it is a good way to have control over the location of the device in any of these situations. It will give us the location of the device (phone, tablet or watch). In addition, it allows us to make a noise emitted so that it is easier for us to locate it. If the phone has been stolen from us, the logical thing is that we cannot access the app, but we also have its web version, which is synchronized with the app from the computer.

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The download of this Android application is completely free. In addition, inside it, there are neither purchases nor advertisements of any kind.


Secondly, an application that does not take too long in the Play Store awaits us, but it has been known to do with a gap in the market. It is an application that transforms our phone into a security device. Since if we leave the phone somewhere, it will detect if someone touches it if they try to unlock it if it moves if there is a change of light … So it can be very useful if, for example, you leave the phone in your backpack sometimes. The application will let you know everything that has happened in that time, and you will have a history with this information. So being able to see this information is very simple, thanks to its good design.

The download of this Android application is free. In addition, we have neither purchases nor advertisements inside it.

Lastpass: security apps for android

Thirdly, an application awaits us that surely many of you already know. We are facing one of the best password managers available today. Passwords are a key part of our privacy and security. Therefore, it is important to protect and manage them in the best possible way. And LastPass is one of the best when it comes to doing this. In addition, it gives us some additional functions with which to increase the security of our device, making it a complete application at all times. If you are looking for a good password manager, with many extra functions, it is the best option in the market.

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The download of this Android application is free. Although inside it we find shopping. These are purchases to access some additional functions. You may be compensated in your case to pay for it.

Proton VPN

A VPN is a secure way to connect to the network. It will allow you to surf the Internet in a private and secure way, without storing data about what you have done in this time. It stands out for being a simple option, with a good design that makes it very easy to handle, as well as one of the few options in its segment to be free. So you get a good VPN with which to navigate safely, without paying for it. A quality option that must be taken into account, and fulfils all the key functions of such applications.

Best Security Apps For Android

The download of this Android application is completely free. In addition, there are neither purchases nor advertisements of any kind within it.


We finish the list with this application whose main task is to show us the data consumption of each application that we have on the phone. Although this is something that is very useful for us to see if there is an application that is having strange behaviour. In many cases, malicious applications have excessive data consumption. Thanks to this application we can see if this happens, and thus be able to take action on the matter. It is not properly a security application but acts as such.

The download of this Android application is free. Although we find purchases inside it.

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The above all are the best security apps for android.


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