What is the best way to prepare for the CISSP exam?

Now the  traditional world, the information security, from the 1960s when we started getting used to computer systems up till the 1990s, saw information security as a technical subject which was about controlling what a firm’s staff could do for the most part.

Case Study of Major Cybersecurity Related Incidents 


So a bank system would have access controls and would say what tellers can do, what accountants can do, what managers can do and so on. And each firm’s systems were pretty much isolated from other firms so if the middling bank screwed up and then it didn’t affect Barclays and so on, so people can run their systems in isolation. But the internet changed that game because all of a sudden the arrival of The Internet meant that failures of security in one firm could harm another firm. And we got a big example of that in 1998 when insecure Unix computer systems at a Hospital in Oregon were used to attack an ISP in New York. This was a wake-up call for everybody. Now, the happenings and early rumblings about the importance of economics in information security. Back in 1991, Carl Landwehr wrote an NRC report about Department of Defence concerns that no matter how much the Pentagon spent, they couldn’t persuade mainstream computer vendors like IBM and Microsoft to produce more secure products for the defence market in any sustainable way. The mainstream firms would be inexorably drawn back to providing mass-market products. People were at that time trying to develop payment systems and it wasn’t going so well.

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Economics and Cyberspace 

Why was it that people weren’t spending as much money on antivirus as you rationally expect them to? So the interesting insight here is that the market price determines who’s going to produce and who’s going to consume so in summer when there’s little demand for coal households aren’t burning it then was going to be baseline demand for export and of course there will be demand from blacksmiths as well but most of the demand will come from export and so that’s going to be satisfied by the open-cast mine and if demand never goes above its capacity then the small deep mine is going to be closed and nobody is going to gather coal but when winter comes around households demand coal and if they demand enough coal that the small deep mine opens then that would open and if they demand more coal than the small deep mine can produce then the price will go up to eight shillings a ton and people would start gathering coal on the beaches. So the inside here is that the price of coal is set by the marginal demand and the marginal supply, the last supply to come onto the market and the last customer to be satisfied. And the demand can fluctuate with exogenous factors such as weather and it can also evolve in the long term with technology and investment. So let’s try to bundle that up into an overall supply curve and in the next slide we see typical supply curve for a firm which wants to manufacture something will start off with certain fix costs and then as the produce more than average cost is done and then when they hit up against capacity constraints their cost go up because of overtime and so on.

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Deeper Understanding of Course Structure 

And the key insight that we got is that information goods and services markets are prone to monopolies. Now there are three reasons for this: there are network effects, there are low marginal costs and the are technical lock-in. But where all of these are present, you tend to get monopolies and that means that you get market races for dominance in every new market and market niche that opens up. And these maker races and the lock-in games that people play around them undermine information security in lots of interesting ways, which again we’re going to discuss later. This understanding of core principles of cybersecurity will help you get a CISSP online certification. One needs crystal clear understanding of these terminologies and methods so that they can ace the CISSP training and succeed in achieving greater heights.


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