Crypto Trading Simulators and the Skills They Teach

The future of the world of finance is virtual and the virtual currencies in the various market all over the world prove this. Also, more and more people are looking to get into them and reap the benefits they offer. Moreover, these virtual currencies share no resemblance to their fiat counterparts.

Among the benefits these virtual currencies offer is anonymity. This protects the user’s identity when they’re making transactions online as well as their financial information. They are the sole owner of their assets and they can use them to make online purchases, swap them for another virtual currency, or swap them for a fiat currency.

But the one benefit that gets people’s attention is the profit potential. That’s why there are so many aspiring traders nowadays. You can learn how to trade to make use of this benefit. And you can do so by yourself or learn via a crypto trading simulators.

Crypto trading simulators

There are various kinds of them online. Some will focus on the popular virtual currencies while others will throw in some new ones. Also, they focus on various skills that make up a crypto trader. Here are several such apps that will teach you what you need to know:

Spark Profit

The main thing this game teaches is prediction. You’ll need to predict if the value of the assets will go up or down. Correct predictions will lead you to earn points, while wrong ones will lead you to lose them. Spark Profit will teach you a skill that makes you a competent trader. But you don’t need to learn any skills if you’re looking to profit from crypto trading. In other words, you can find a trading platform to do it for you, a trading platform like BitIQ.

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As this is a platform that requires instructions you’ll need to give it some input as a user. This means you’ll need to learn how it works and adjust the settings accordingly before you go for a trading session. For that, you’ll need to create an account and deposit some money into it as you’ll need something to trade with. Then it’s off to the tutorials and meddling with the demo account provided. Once you’re done with that you can go for a live session after which you’ll be able to experience all the services the platform has to offer.

Altcoin Fantasy

Predicting the ways the value goes is important as a skill in crypto trading, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn the basics. Altcoin Fantasy is here for that and with it, you’ll learn how to buy and sell assets, and more importantly the times when you need to one or the other. 

Also, you’ll learn how to analyze the market which is another important skill you’ll need as a trader. You can also take part in several competitions which test your learned skills. If you make it to the top you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a specific amount of your preferred virtual currency.


This is another app that focuses on the basics. With that said CoinMarketGame offers several popular virtual currencies and teaches you how and when to buy various assets. After some time with this game, you’ll be able to take on various exchanges online.


It’s a good idea to master the crypto trading simulators first and then take care of other aspects. This means opting for a single virtual currency. Also, you’ll need to go over the popular exchanges and pick one out. Finally, you’ll need a wallet to store your assets. When you’ve got these aspects down, you can begin trading virtual currencies.

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