CompTIA A+ 220-1002 Exam Overview and How You Can Study for It with Exam Dumps


Getting a certification in CompTIA A+ is an important step for any professional interested in acquiring skills that include security, data, and cloud management. And being the standard for the industry, it’s one of the best ways to launch your career in today’s digital world. To earn this credential, candidates must demonstrate they understand what’s involved by passing the relevant exams. There are two core tests for this vendor-neutral A+ badge. The first one is CompTIA 220-1001, while the second one is 220-1002 by code.

The aim of this article is to give you an overview of Exam-Labs CompTIA A+ 220-1002 exam. We’ll be looking at this assessment, its details, and the resources you can use to study and pass it.  

Details for Test CompTIA 220-1002 

Certbolt Exam 220-1002 validates the important skills needed for entry-level IT professionals. You’ll be required to prove your skills as well as knowledge in the following areas:

  • Assembling components as per a customer’s requirements;
  • Understanding network as well as security forensics basics;
  • Properly diagnosing, resolving, and documenting common hardware as well as software issues;
  • Applying troubleshooting skills;
  • Providing proper customer support;
  • Understanding the fundamentals of virtualization, scripting, desktop imaging as well as deployment.

Every candidate needs to sit for an assessment with up to 90 questions and these must be answered within the given 90 minutes. The questions to be taken are multiple choice as well as performance-based. The score required before being awarded the CompTIA A+ badge is 700 points on a scale ranging from 100 to 900 points. You are recommended to have 12 months of experience in IT support to take the exam. The cost of taking this test is $226.

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As you look forward to taking and passing the assessment, it’s important that you know which study resources are available to you. The next section of this article is focused on the resources that you can use to study for exam 220-1002.

Study Resources to Pass CompTIA 220-1002 Exam 

Below are the tools you can use to cover the topics for 220-1002. They include study courses, guides, virtual labs, and exam dumps. You can opt for at least two of them to help you cover the concepts for this test. These study resources are as follows:

1. E-learning course

The CertMaster program enables candidates for the exam to cover its objectives from anywhere and anytime. The content includes videos, performance-based quizzes, and flashcards. In this e-learning course, you get access to the following:

  • Exhaustive exam topic coverage;
  • More than 40 hours of interactive and engaging content;
  • 10 lessons having performance-based questions that are mostly interactive;
  • Videos, images, and games that ensure you remain engaged;
  • Practice questions and flashcards.

2. 220-1002 instructor-led training

Whether you prefer a live online or in-classroom training, CompTIA has ensured an instructor-led training for you or your team is available. You’ll be studying in a comfortable environment that will enable you to receive hands-on instructions. For the online instructor-led course, trainers will help you experience the setting of traditional classroom learning. 

3. Study guide for CompTIA A+ 220-1002 

Studying with a guidebook is also another great way to prepare for the CompTIA 220-1002. This study guide is a complementary material to be used alongside other exam revision resources like courses and exam dumps. It’s a guaranteed way of covering the topics for the test you’re preparing for.

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4. Exam dumps

Overtime, exam dumps have proven to be reliable resources to pass IT exams. For 220-1002 test, these prep resources provide candidates with a way to evaluate their preparedness for the upcoming exam. And apart from them checking for your preparedness, dumps also enable candidates to know the nature of the test they’re studying for. With the braindumps, you can be sure of getting plenty of benefits and more.

Go to the and access reliable exam prep tools available in the 220-1002 Premium Bundle costing $59.99. In this bundle, you’ll get a study guide with 2287 pages, a premium file with 188 questions as well as their expert-verified answers, and 97 video training lectures. Moreover, you can check and download the free ete files for the CompTIA 200-1002. These files were uploaded by the recent examinees to boost your chances of passing the exam in the first attempt. As free and paid dumps from Exam-labs go in the ete format, remember to install the ETE Exam Simulator to open these braindumps and make your learning process easier and more comfortable.

5. Virtual Labs

With virtual labs, you can learn the official exam content as well as gain hands-on skills. CompTIA offers CertMaster interactive hands-on labs that can enable you to practice the skills you’re acquiring in a virtual lab that’s browser-based. The lab will help you gain critical practical skills that are necessary to perform the following:

  • Support, install, configure, and maintain operating systems;
  • Maintain and troubleshoot networks;
  • Manage users, workstations as well as shared resources;
  • Implement operational procedures as you prepare for your CompTIA 220-1002 assessment.
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In the actual sense, the labs complement the knowledge you’ve already gained through training or other study resources. And with the practical experience, you’ll be able to get the score you desire in the test. The knowledge and the hands-on skills will also prepare you for real-world tasks. You’ll be qualified to work in various roles, which we’re covering next.

CompTIA A+ Job Roles

What happens once you’ve studied, passed the exam, and received your certification? Once this happens, the next thing to do is to apply for a job or a promotion if you’re already employed. The CompTIA A+ badge gives you a chance to work in a number of job roles. These roles include an associate network engineer, technical support specialist, computing technician, system support specialist, helpdesk technician, and desktop support admin. Of course, getting CompTIA A+ certified brings a salary boost, too. For example, the average salary of the above-mentioned professionals varies from $49.874 to $57.049 yearly. It’s all worth it, isn’t it?


Exam 220-1002 is crucial for anyone who’s starting a career in IT and wishes to advance it later. Once you’ve passed the exam and have achieved the CompTIA A+ credential you can pursue other prestigious certifications. This, therefore, makes the badge a great stepping stone to the next course of your career. Prepare yourself for this opportunity by studying with the right resources. With free and updated exam dumps from the, training courses, virtual labs, and the other resources, you’ll be set for your career journey. Utilize the available opportunities to make yourself a better professional and employee. Good luck!


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