10 Ways Call Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

The advanced technology available today has made it easier for entrepreneurs to run their businesses. Conversely, the competition in the market has become more so intense that you’ll need to double your marketing efforts to make your brand stand out.

This is why business owners are developing and utilizing various tools to meet their marketing needs. One of these is call tracking technology, which enables business owners to access the necessary data that will help them improve their marketing efforts.

Basically, call tracking allows you to track phone calls and utilize additional features like recording calls, which are helpful in assessing and monitoring which marketing campaigns provide results when it comes to generating calls and which are less effective.

In fact, with the use of Call Cowboy auto dialer or other similar reliable tools for your call tracking needs, you can track calls from different sources, including social media, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, your website, and offline advertising such as radio ads, magazines, and newspapers.

If you’re having second thoughts about call tracking, here are some of the ways it can benefit your business:

1. Optimize Your Marketing Budget

Call tracking allows you to know what marketing channels are working for your business. With this in mind, you’ll be able to stop wasting your hard-earned money and limited resources on marketing channels that don’t provide results.

Call tracking also provides you clarity on which ads are getting the most leads, allowing you to optimize your marketing budget.

2. Get Essential Lead Generation Data

If you want to get a clear picture of your marketing campaigns, you can benefit from using call tracking. Once you incorporate it into your marketing arsenal, it’ll provide your business a way to analyze campaigns, maximize return on investment (ROI), and listen to customers.

3. Know Your Customers Better

To get results from your marketing strategies, you should know your customers better. By taking advantage of call tracking technology and working with companies that offer Power Dialer, you’ll know who’s calling, where they’re calling from, why they’re calling, and so on. With such information, you’ll get a thorough understanding of your customers, enabling you to offer higher quality and more personalized services.

4. Improve Customer Engagement

Since call tracking allows you to know who’s calling, you’ll be in a better position to keep your customers engaged. For example, you can eliminate annoying and repetitious follow-up solicitations. Moreover, you can maintain appropriate communication or customize messaging based on your customer’s unique needs. You may also customize messaging depending on what stage your customers are in along the buying process.

5. Tweak Advertisements Using Data-Driven Results

For many businesses, one of the toughest challenges includes measuring the ROI of their campaigns. Without access to the results or metrics of your actions, you won’t have a clue about which ads are the most effective. Fortunately, with call tracking, you can see how much traffic a particular advertisement generates, which can impact the future directions of the marketing activities of your business.

Although it’s easy to spend a lot of money on your ads, generating organic traffic or acquiring profitable leads is difficult. For this reason, you should use call tracking to help marketers better understand the results of their activities.

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6. Revamp Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Processes

Call tracking isn’t only advantageous in handling your marketing analytics, but it’s also a great tool to help improve your company’s SEO. Because SEO is important for businesses, using call tracking can significantly benefit your operations.

Aside from that, call tracking enables you to determine the kinds of keywords that generate more calls and produce more leads. By getting this kind of information, you’ll be able to refine your SEO efforts and use the keywords that gain more attention from your potential customers, enabling you to widen your customer reach.

7. Personalize Customer Support

Tweaking your customer’s experience to match their personality and taste will make them more likely to respond positively to your brand. Demographic information and your customer’s previous behavior will let you tailor your future customer support response. Plus, the recorded calls from your call tracking system can be helpful in shaping or improving your other marketing channels.

8. Handle More Calls

Another way call tracking can benefit your business is that it gives you the chance to handle more calls. Call tracking can help you reduce the manual workload of your employees and lessen your operating costs at the same time.

Call tracking can also guide your teams through any call to ensure that they get the necessary information to convert calls effectively. Depending on the call tracking system you’re using, you can create configurable campaigns, route and filter calls automatically to your agents, and set priority-based calls.

9. Boost Your Customer Experience

Ensuring a superior customer experience is crucial to business growth. This is especially true if you want to encourage repeat business and build customer rapport. Take note, your customers hold the key to your company’s success. If you don’t pay attention to their needs, they’ll look for other businesses to transact with.

Using a call tracking system allows you to get rid of the things that don’t produce results and focus on the things that work. With call tracking, you can analyze the results of your customer engagement and make small changes that can help improve customer experience.

10. Determine Peak Call Hours

One of the ways call tracking can benefit your business is by allowing you to determine your company’s peak call hours or the ideal time when your business receives the most calls. While others often disregard this, being aware of the peak call hours of your business can help you improve your services.

By taking note of the exact day and time when your customers make calls to your business, you can optimize your employees’ work hours based on the information about your customers’ activity levels.

Who Can Benefit From Call Tracking?

Many businesses can benefit from using call tracking, which includes the following:

  • Small businesses
  • Marketing agencies
  • Online lead-driven businesses
  • Service companies

Although offline advertising is still one of the marketing strategies you can use for your business, more and more business owners are taking advantage of digital technology. With a call tracking system, your business can easily track where phone calls come from, whether it’s from paid ad campaigns, organic search, or direct visits to your website.

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By discovering how your leads find your business, you can tailor your budget and marketing efforts accordingly. Call tracking changes how businesses attribute and track success to their paid and organic campaigns.

If you don’t use call tracking, you might not be able to increase your conversion rate. For instance, if somebody clicks your ads and dials the phone number on your website, it can’t be counted as a conversion. But, with call tracking, it’s easy to track your customer journey and ensure that you have the data necessary to optimize your campaigns properly.

Implementing this kind of system in your business can also help you track the performance of your campaigns on social media and email. For business owners, it’s a great benefit as it allows you to see the results that your campaigns generate. So, if your business relies on phone calls and you don’t track them, you could miss out on opportunities to improve.

If you understand where calls come from, whether from paid keywords or social media referrals, you can make well-informed optimizations on where to focus your investments and efforts. Therefore, instead of wasting your money, time, and energy on the wrong places, let your call tracking system help you and see the difference in the long run.

Things To Look For In A Call Tracking System

Call tracking
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Call tracking can make a difference in any business out there. However, for you to make the most of its benefits, you should use the right software or system that’s equipped with the add-ons and features you require.

To find the best call tracking system suited for your business, below are the things you should look for:

  • Call Recording

One of the things you should look for in a call tracking system is its call recording feature. It’s a valuable feature, particularly if you want to check back on calls in case you want to confirm some details or listen to what you’ve discussed with a client or prospect. Moreover, the call recording feature can be a good training tool for businesses with teams that have agents for answering calls.

  • Dynamic Number Selection

A good call tracking system should be capable of generating numbers dynamically for each of your marketing campaigns. This will let you track each call coming into the different phone numbers and see which campaigns generate more calls. It’ll also allow you to evaluate the quality of leads those campaigns are producing.

With the dynamic number selection feature, assigning numbers to your campaigns won’t be time-consuming, thus helping you avoid errors that are common when you manually do this task.

  • Detailed Analytics

The best call tracking system must cover basic analytics, including call date and time, caller ID, caller details, call duration, call source, and call location. Such information must be accurate and available in real-time. With detailed analytics, you can gain valuable insights from data such as patterns on call duration, call volumes, and details on repeat callers. All these are helpful to optimize marketing strategies.

  • Affordability
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For businesses with a big budget, the cost is never a problem. However, companies with a tight budget need to carefully consider affordability. So, make sure to shop around before you choose any call tracking system available in the market.

The price of call tracking systems may vary as it depends on the features or functionalities they have. If you’re confused with the options available, be sure to first identify your needs and determine how much you can afford. After all, not call tracking systems are suitable for your business.

There are also instances where some systems are priced too high even when cheaper systems designed with similar features are available. If you don’t want to end up getting the wrong call tracking system, keep the affordability factor in mind and prioritize your unique needs.

  • Lead Management 

Even if you have a separate tool for lead management, it’s wise to check if your call tracking system comes with lead management options as well. You can effortlessly search and filter leads by name, phone number, or email address with this feature. You can also filter your leads by services or products based on what they’ve purchased, enabling you to create better and more effective marketing campaigns over time.

Depending on your call tracking system’s capability, some lead management features can get rid of junk leads and export leads to your customer relationship management (CRM) tool or spreadsheet.

  • Quick Setup

Another thing to look for in a call tracking system is the ease to set it up quickly. A good call tracking system shouldn’t be complicated to use or set up to avoid wasting your precious time. Plus, if a call tracking system allows a quick setup, it’ll be much easier for you to create campaigns and make the most of them.

If you’re unsure how a particular call tracking system works, ask for a demo or free trial version. Then, decide which works best for your business.

  • Integration

Many call tracking systems can be integrated into several apps and programs you’re currently using. For instance, you might be using Google Ads for your PPC ads or analytical platforms like Google Analytics.

For this reason, make sure that your chosen call tracking system allows for integration into the platforms you’re already using. Once you find a call tracking system with easy integration options, you can be sure that you’ll get the results you desire from your marketing efforts.

Bottom Line

Business owners do their best to bring in more sales. Using call tracking will allow you to have a clear picture of how various marketing campaigns and schemes are doing in the market. Just make sure to choose the right call tracking software or system to make the most of your investment and experience nothing but excellent benefits.


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