Why SSL Certificate is important

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate and a critical factor in the internet and website security. It contains files that have data that is digitally bound key to protect the details of the user.

The SSL certificate once installed, it activates HTTPS and padlocks protocol to allow safe connections from the browser to the webserver. Web developers also use SSL certificate to sign their software code.

SSL certificate secures the domain namealong with the identity of an organization and other details. The organization needs to go through various levels of vetting to determine which SSL certificate to use. In this article, we will discuss about the benefits of SSL certificate stepwise.

Benefits of SSL Certificate:

Encryption of data 

SSL certificate ensures data is encrypted; this offers security. During the transmission of data, unauthorized parties may decide to hack the transmission. SSL certificate secures data transactions of credit cards, secures login, bank account details, data transfer, and cardholder information for e-commerce transactions during internet communication. The certificate ensures data transmitted in random characters; this becomes hard for hackers to interpret the data. All information is encrypted, and only the intended end user has private key to decrypt the data.

Authenticity of provision

SSL certificate serves as an intermediary between the server and the user. It ensures information transmitted reaches the desired server without interpretations. Customers can view the details of a certificate to check the authenticity of a certificate and a website. Many people duped into investing in online markets and other businesses and lost lots of money due to fake websites. 

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When an SSL certificate installed, it goes through a validation process. The process involves a third independent party entity known as Certificate Authority. The (C.A) verifies the identity of your organization, depending on the type of certificate in use. Once the process is complete, and your status is verified, trust indicators will be there on your website.  

Acceptability of payments

SSL certificate required by the online business for meeting the compliance of the payment card industry (PCIDSS). The online store is necessary to have an SSL certificate containing the 256-bit encryption. There are certain rules and standards set up by this authority to make smooth and secure payment transactions over the web.

The standards of PCI authenticate that an SSL certificate has acquired from a trustworthy source. It has made use of absolute encryption. SSL certificate guarantees safer credit card payments to all visitors. It is a protocol that indicates successful credit card transactions through verified payments. The privacy offered to visitors on sensitive information.  

Works as a guard

There are individual emails, which contain links that lead customers to visit another website. Such emails used to gather personal information on credit cards. If customers do not see a sign of the safety of a business website, it is best to leave the site. Perpetrators use such emails or sites to hide their real intention that is to steal sensitive information. The SSL certificate has a verification process. Only legitimate sites can obtain it. Users can distinguish the fake from the real website. 

Branding Power

Some SSL certificates like Symantec offers Norton Secured Seal that you can put on webpage or let’s say Comodo site seal that provides authenticity to visitors. The trust seals placed on the website for security confirmation. When such seals are displayed on the sites, it gives the customer the guarantee that the information is safe.

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By using an SSL certificate, it helps to build the trust between the site and the customer. Customers provided with authentic security for personal information. Offer a secure experience of online purchasing to customers. It is easy to identify signs to inform users that the data in transit is secured.

If you install Organization Validation or extended validation SSL, it helps to view your organization’s details to ensure it is secure and protected. It provides the legitimacy of your websites, and more visitors are bound to conduct business with you.

Google mandates the use of SSL certificate

For safe browsing, since 2018, Google made it mandatory for all websites to use an SSL certificate. Any website that does not comply with the mandate a warning message is issued once the site is open ‘Not secure’ on the URL bar to warn users.

All websites are required to use the certificate from personal blogs, shopping portal, school portal. Failure to comply may lead to a loss of visitors to your site.

Ranking of search engines

Google made changes to the algorithm to give an upper hand to HTTPs enabled websites in 2014. Significant traffic comes from the search engine results. Your website is visible to get that traffic.


After Google’s update, it is mandatory to have SSL certificate on your website as it does not only provide encryption but also offer website authenticity. Customers easily put trust on the website and for business, the ROI of a business will have new peak.


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