What Is The Role Of Chatbots And AI In Improvising The Mobile Technology?

The mobile technology is progressing according to future requirements. People will get the opportunity to know about new trends that helps businesses to amalgamate important data. These data have an important role in enhancing the app user experience with better engagement.

When it is about trending technologies, both AI and Chatbots have a major role in resolving issues faced by businesses in maintaining their relationship with clients.

Chatbots and AI

In the existing time, Chatbots are used in some of the important chat applications such as iMessage, Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger, etc. Based on the data provided by Grand View Research, it is expected that the Chatbot market is going to increase by $1.2 billion by the end of 2025. The annual growth rate is expected to be around 25%. Now, most of the mobile app development companies are introducing their chatbot and AI mobile apps.

The other most important technology which is quite popular is Artificial Intelligence. It is a type of technology which helps an organization to collect data from the internet. This allows the business to take important actions. Nowadays, AI has been integrated into most of the mobile apps. One of the most suitable examples of AI is Instagram which offers contextual content to its users.

According to a current report, it has found that AI-based apps are on its boom. Multiple Artificial Intelligence apps have already entered the mobile app world. When you combine AI-based apps with chatbots, it can be easy for you to obtain something more interesting.

Topmost Reason to use Chatbots and AI:

The first and most crucial thing which comes to the mind is whether chatbot and AI are helpful for organizational growth or not. As lots of organizations run their call centres to resolve issues of their customers. This allows businesses to offer quick feedback to their existing customers. With the help of Chatbot and AI, it will be easy for every business to perform their day-to-day business activities conveniently.

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The integration of chatbots and AI makes things easy to a great extent. Previously, you required to type conversations but an automatic messaging feature of chatbot simplified everything. This leads to good engagement and conversion.

Industries where Chatbot apps and AI are mostly used:

There are a variety of industries which are making the most out of these two technologies. Some of them are listed below, let’s take a closer look:


Both Chatbots and AI are used in the healthcare industry. Using Chatbots, it can be easy for medical hospitals to enhance performance. Doctors will not give time to patients if the disease is not serious. Chatbots help in the diagnosis of common health-related problems. Some of the known medical institutes in the USA have started using chatbots for curing diseases.

Ecommerce and customer support

Whether it is customer support or Ecommerce industry, Chatbots and AI are suitable to use everywhere. These are going to improve the customers’ experience by giving a reply to some common customer queries. Almost 30% of eCommerce companies present all around the world have amalgamated both chatbots and AI on their websites.

News and publishing

Another important industry where Chatbots and AI have an important application is News and Publishing. These are useful for obtaining personalized services. Both Chatbots and AI acts as the ideal medium for facilitating content to online viewers and readers.


Chatbots and AI add beneficial qualities to your mobile app. In case you want to increase the frequency of your mobile app downloads and user engagement, you should think smartly. By the addition of chatbots and AI to your existing mobile apps, you can get an advantage over your competitors. Also, the conversion rate will be enhanced at a rapid pace.

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Anyone of you having enough knowledge related to the integration of chatbots and AI to your existing mobile app should appoint a mobile app development company. They are bestowed with deft developers who are experts in the integration of chatbots and AI. Therefore, these two are the trending technologies these days if you want to stay one step ahead from your competitors, it would be great to integrate them into your business.

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