Vietnam Outsourcing Companies – The Best Choice for Business Growth

The outsourcing industry has been around for a while now. Vietnam Software Outsourcing Companies have proven to be the best choice for business growth, and this is why we want to talk about them more in-depth. There are many advantages of software development companies in Vietnam. However, there are also some disadvantages that you need to know about before making your decision. If you are new to Vietnam software outsourcing companies  as an option, read on. 

Why Would Businesses Choose To Outsource?

There are many reasons businesses consider software outsourcing, but the truth is that it can be a great way for small businesses with tight deadlines and limited resources. For example, if you’re an onsite team member who’s been working late nights, then sending your project over to someone else might help free up some time while still delivering high-quality results that meet all expectations.

For new entrepreneurs looking into this option, there’ll probably be some concerns regarding language barriers or potential problems communicating properly between themselves in eastern countries where workers are cheaper than domestically based staff due at least partly. This is because they often lack benefits packages, so holding them accountable could also boost ROI since these issues need addressing upfront before any work has begun.

Vietnam outsourcing companies

Vietnam software outsourcing companies not only provide low-cost solutions. However, they also ensure their customers’ satisfaction with the highest standard of work. They meet deadlines and specifications to minimize risks for both parties involved in this transaction, which maximizes profit margins on each side while minimizing losses if anything goes wrong during production or delivery timeframes. Some of the major reasons businesses for outsourcing industry include: 

  • Helps save money
  • Offers access to skills that would not be available in-house
  • Enhances flexibility in the utilization of resources
  • Helps businesses scale
  • Enhances ability to innovate
  • Allows businesses to focus on core operations and free up resources
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Why Would Businesses Consider Vietnam for IT Outsourcing?

It is no surprise that Asia and Eastern Europe are common destinations for offshore software production. In terms of outsourcing to India or China, many still feel like they hold the top two spots as the most dominant IT centers in this industry. However, recent data shows that Vietnam may be emerging onto a power play with new opportunities becoming more prevalent day by day.

The rise of Vietnam as an emerging power in offshore software production is something that many haven’t heard about. The Vietnamese government has created a stable and supportive business environment to entice companies worldwide, including India and China. Currently, China and India dominate outsourcing in this particular region.

Vietnam’s proximity also makes it one option worth considering when looking at producing your next project. This is if you plan to hire locals rather than send jobs overseas because not only will they be able to work faster thanks to their location, but they can often speak better English.

Vietnam, a country with only 20 years in the IT outsourcing sector, has risen to prominence. This is mainly because the country is home to many global clients who want their services provided locally and at an affordable price point despite being able to provide excellent quality work as well. According to 2019 Tholons Services Globalization Index rankings, the country emerged 13th among 50 countries considered digital nations. This shows Vietnam’s stability when it comes to making business transactions online safe or secure.

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing in Vietnam is that it has one of the youngest populations. According to an ILO report, about 70% or more people are below 35 years old, and about 45 percent fall into the 15-35-year-olds range, making them ready for work.

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The Vietnamese government should be proud that it is one of the top ten countries in graduating IT engineers. According to a TopDev report, over 50,000 people graduate from 153 institutions with an information technology degree every year, which puts them at number six on our list.

  • According to a 2016 report by Developer Skills Charts of Topcoder, Vietnam emerged among the top 6 worldwide while India came 7th 
  • A report by Developer Skills Charts Hackerrank in 2016 ranked Vietnam 23rd worldwide
  • Vietnam ranked 29th in terms of skill value worldwide, according to a 2018 report on Skillvalue Worldwide in Developer Skills Chart Of Skill Value.

Vietnam is quickly becoming a technology hub for multinational corporations with their rapid development. Apple, one of the most profitable companies in America and one of Asia’s leading economic powers, has announced they will be collaborating with local ICT enterprises. They look forward to future opportunities for growth that Vietnam’s growing economy can provide. The announcement was made last week at an event where Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about how trade agreements between countries help drive new technology innovation around the world.

Besides Samsung – one such foreign investor that helped accelerate this growth wave – participation by prominent international players like Apple probably will continue strengthening investment from abroad in 2021.

Vietnam is experiencing a boom time with new opportunities in translation. The New York Times recently reported that the Vietnamese-owned joint venture company has captured nearly half of all government contract bids for translating services worth $450 million dollars. Wgly more attention being sent our way: recently announcing plans.

3 Best Vietnam Outsourcing Companies for Business Growth

1. Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology is among the most trusted and reliable Vietnam outsourcing companies. The software outsourcing company focuses on offering affordable, high-quality services to different customers globally with repeat business from Singapore all across Europe and Canada through USA, Australia, etc. Founded in 2012, Saigon Technology has proven records when it comes down to delivering desired results in complex projects or small business solutions.

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2. Axon Active

The software development company is helping various businesses with their digital transformation. The company offers affordable and flexible software development services that are based on the key elements of Agile methodology, starting in 2008 when they opened an office for offshore software development experts working at Lucerne Switzerland-based Axon Group Pte Ltd (AGP) Ltd. The core business focuses on delivering cost-effective solutions that help clients achieve success by providing customized programs tailored to meet specific needs or requirements found within each client’s unique environment.

3. KMS Technology

This is a global software development company specializing in providing outsourcing services to international and local customers. The team at KMS has world-class experts who can scale for any project with proven timelines desired results within the time frame estimated by them. Besides investing in modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) & cloud computing together, they work closely on partnerships. For example: partnering up with renowned providers allows us access anytime anywhere while using most tech stacks available today–including AWS or Microsoft Platforms

Final Thoughts 

The Vietnam outsourcing companies industry is still quite new, and it continues to develop as the years pass. If you want your business to grow, Vietnam outsourcing companies may answer that growth. There are many Vietnam software development company benefits out there, but some disadvantages cannot be ignored. Do not forget to research the best Vietnam software development companies before making your decision.

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